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Friday, April 29, 2011

Seth Baczynski and the Travels of a MMA Gunslinger

“I’ve been listening to my coaches and using all of my God-given talents.”

For Seth “The Polish Pistola” Baczynski (13-7), realizing his God-given talents has been bad news for his opponents.  Baczynski first got national exposure back in 2007 as a member of the IFL Tucson Scorpions and followed that up with a stint with BodogFight and then after a few more wins landed on The Ultimate Fighter TV show with a debut inside of the Octagon on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell VS Team Ortiz Finale in 2010. Since his departure from the UFC, Baczynski has reeled off two very impressive victories both by stoppages against cagy veteran and UFC alum Tim McKenzie (13-8) and his latest win against formerly undefeated fighter and rising star Alex Garcia (6-1).  For his win over Garcia, at Ringside MMA 10 – Cote VS Starnes broadcast exclusively on iPPV on the GFL Combat Sports Network (, Baczynski was awarded the Ringside MMA Welterweight Championship.

Getting fights in the welterweight division has proven to be a challenge for Baczynski.  It seems very few fighters or their camps are willing to accept a match with the rangy and athletic Arizonan.  Luckily for Baczynski, Ringside MMA, a Montreal organization had an opponent.  “The Ringside MMA matchup with Alex Garcia kind of fell into my lap.  I sat down with my manager and training partners and discussed my future.  We knew after my last fight with Tim McKenzie [a first round KO victory] that it was going to be really hard to get fights at 170.  We decided I was going to have to stay in really good shape, because the only way I was going to get a fight at that weight would be on short notice so I had to be ready.  We got offered the fight with Alex and after watching tape of him we signed the contract three weeks out.”

For Baczynski, a championship fight with a major regional organization was something hard to pass up.  “It was a five-round title fight and we took it because I was already in top shape.  I could go five rounds easy if I had to.  It was a pretty good card with a solid main event [Patrick Cote VS Kalib Starnes] so we were happy to be on it and fight for the title.”

 “I was already going hard in the gym.  I was getting [Ryan] Bader ready for his fight with Jon Jones, and then I was helping out CB Dollaway for his fight with Mark Munoz and then I was a regular training partner for Aaron Simpson for his last fight in Seattle with the UFC so it all fell in to place.  Fortunately, all the stars were aligned, I had a really good training camp, we liked the matchup [with Garcia] and I jumped on it,” Baczynski said.

Baczynski trains in the Phoenix-area at Power MMA & Fitness, home to UFC veterans Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway, Aaron Simpson and Strikeforce standout Robbie Lawler. “Training with Ryan, CB, Robbie, Aaron and those guys at Power MMA has taught me so much, not only in improving my wrestling but they all have a tremendous work ethic and it rubs off.  I consider myself the weakest link in that bunch and I get something from every practice that makes me a better mixed martial artist. ”  Already swimming with the sharks every day in practice makes taking fights on short notice a feasible option for the “Polish Pistola”.
“We scouted Garcia well.  My coaches and I figured out a game plan on what they thought I could do in the fight.  He’s out of GSP’s camp [Tristar Gym] in Montreal and he is a strong, explosive, compact fighter and we felt that we could wear him down.  We planned on being taken down in the fight so I trained a lot on getting back to my feet and making him fight for every takedown attempt.  When we did end up on the ground I controlled him in those spots by putting my weight on him and then worked hard to get back up to my feet and it all kind of wore him out.  I could feel him tiring out in the first round and that’s what we wanted.  He’s so aggressive that we thought we could knock him out with a flying knee or something like that.  I hit him hard with a knee in the first and was surprised I didn’t knock him out with it.  He’s got a hard head,” Baczynski replied.

With Baczynski winning the striking battle and also controlling Garcia on the ground the first round was only a warm up for the battle-tested warrior.  The “Polish Pistola” came out guns blazing in the next round and scored the fighting ending TKO at 2:44 of Round 2 to become the new Ringside MMA Champion.  “Being my size and having my length at 170 is a tough matchup for anybody.  Fighters think that I always want to stand up after it goes to the ground but I don’t.  I can use my length on the ground to fire off heavy punches and work some ground and pound inside my opponent’s guard. My size is definitely something that benefits me and I’m just now learning how to fully utilize it in my game.  Fortunately, it all worked out for me in my last fight and I got the KO and the Ringside belt.”

Seth Baczynski (white and plaid trunks) vs. Alex Garcia

Baczynski, always humble, knows that it is a team effort and realizes he is in a promising spot right now with his career. “It’s a great environment I have around me.  I get a lot of support from a lot of different people.   My sponsors MTX Audio and Tilted Kilt are awesome, all my coaches and training partners at Power MMA really push me and help me be the best I can be and my friends and family have always given me their support. I couldn’t do what I do without them.”

Even though Baczynski fought in Montreal, Quebec a large group of family and friends back home in Arizona were able to watch him become a champion live. “A lot of my friends and family got to watch my fight on GoFightLive and they were pretty happy with the experience.  The said the whole card was very fluid with no breaks or interruptions with the Internet feed and it had a good quality picture, so they were all happy with the service.  It was the first time that my friends watched a fight of mine on the Internet where there was no equipment failures.” 

As for what awaits Baczynski next, that is still up in the air.  “I’m not too sure what’s next.  At first I heard I had a fight with Ringside in June against Chris Clements, but now that has gotten pushed back to September or whatever, so I’m not too sure.  Right now I’m just hanging around waiting to land a fight.  I want to fight more regularly so we are looking at our choices.  I am an unrestricted free agent at the moment and able to sign with anyone.  I’m looking to have a home and fight a little more consistently.  Right now all options are open.”

For a reigning champion in one of Canada’s top promotions, Baczynski would be a solid acquisition for any promotion in the world, including the Zuffa brands.  “I don’t know what promotion wouldn’t want a 170-pounder with 13 wins, all by finishes.  Every one of my victories has been a stoppage of some kind.  I don’t have any lay and pray in my game.  I go for broke every time and bring an exciting fight for the crowd.”

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rocktagon MMA Elite Series 5 Event Review

MMA : Rocktagon MMA - Elite Series 5

Rocktagon MMA - Amateur Elite Series 5, was a night when a unified champion was crowned at the Rocktagon Arena.  

In the main event, Rocktagon MMA Warren, OH Champion Garret “The Sickness” Sahene (8-2) defeated Rocktagon MMA Elyria, Ohio Champion Marcus Washington (5-1-1) via submission by triangle choke in Round 1 to win the Undisputed Rocktagon MMA Elite Series Ohio Lightweight Championship.  Both champions were ready to answer the call of duty but it was Sahene who seized the moment and executed his game plan perfectly by getting the fight to the ground almost immediately before Washington could connect with his powerful punches.  Once it went to the canvas, Sahene peppered Washington with punches to the head and body keeping his opponent on the defensive and finally locked up the winning choke for the tapout, silencing a stunned crowd.

In other action, two fighters kept their unbeaten streaks alive as Bill Elek (3-0) defeated Kyle Booth (2-3) via rear naked choke in Round 1.  It was a decisive victory for Elek as he controlled the whole fight.  Not to be outdone, James Pfeiffer (4-0) defeated the tough Alan Hoelzle (3-3) via rear naked choke also in Round 1.  Pfeiffer has fought all 4 of his fights with Rocktagon MMA and has quickly gained a following in the Ohio area because of his style and ability to finish fights. 

Rocktagon MMA - Amateur Elite Series 5, showcased an exciting night of amateur fights that featured 7 of 9 fights ending in KO or submission.  It’s easy to see this promotion is grooming the stars of tomorrow with its Elite Series.  The only way to watch this thrilling event, with the Undisputed Rocktagon MMA Elite Series Championship on the line, is to order it exclusively on video on demand at!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Knock Out Night One Event Review

MMA : Knock Out Night One

Knock Out Night One presented by Gladiator Productions debut show featured the return of a legend as Hermes Franca (22-10) showed why he was on everybody’s pound-for-pound list earlier in his career as he made quick work of the tough, compact Josh Thorpe (11-4).  The bell had barely rung to start the fight when Franca caught Thorpe with a looping left hand that stunned Thorpe and sent him to the canvas where Franca pounced on him sinking in a rear naked choke for the quick tapout in Round 1.  It was Franca’s third win in a row that has seen his career go up and down since his departure from the UFC.  Tonight he showed glimpses of what made him such an incredible athlete and fan favorite.

In the co-main event Eric Wisely (15-5) defeated Matt Veach (12-4) via armbar in Round 2.  Veach was controlling the fight on the ground landing a series of elbows and punches while Wisely waited out the onslaught.  Then Wisely found his opening and took a chance, making the most of it and securing the submission hold from the bottom position and forcing Veach to tapout in front of the stunned crowd.

In other action, Ido Pariente (11-3) defeated Chad Hinton (7-4) via split decision in a razor thin verdict that could have gone either way.  Pariente landed some brutal leg kicks in the fight that would have chopped down most other competitors, but Hinton was a game opponent and worked some tough GNP of his own.  Both men should hold their heads up high after this hard fought battle.

Here’s your chance to watch this thrilling 7-bout card featuring veteran and up and coming fighters from around the globe.  Order Knock Out Night One presented by Gladiator Productions on video on demand only at!

Ultimate Reno Combat 24 Throw Down Event Review

MMA : Ultimate Reno Combat 24 - Throw Down

Ultimate Reno Combat featured another night of exciting fights including multiple title fights and crowned the first ever Flyweight Champion (125 lb) in the promotion’s history with its latest event Ultimate Reno Combat 24: Throw Down.  

The main event saw Brandon Frunk (9-2) defeat Marcus Ocegueda (3-5) via TKO in Round 2 for the Bantamweight Championship.  Ocegueda was a game opponent as he got the better of the matchup in Round 1.  Frunk made a terrific comeback and showed the heart of a champion by overcoming Ocegueda’s quick start and taking Round 2 and the Bantamweight Championship.  This is Frunk’s second championship with the promotion as he was already the reigning Featherweight Champion (145 lb) and now adds the Bantamweight Title (135 lb) to his collection.  

The co-main event showcased for the first time a championship in the flyweight division (125 lb) as Shaun Nance (4-1) defeated the formerly undefeated Oscar Ramirez (5-1) via unanimous decision.  The athletes took the fight everywhere displaying high-level striking, wrestling, and grappling and giving the fans an exciting match worthy of the inaugural Flyweight Championship.  

Corey Wyatt (6-3) defeated Middleweight Champion (185 lb) Jordan Williams (3-1) by TKO due to cuts in Round 3 crowning a new title holder in the division.  In a grappling classic both men showed signs of brilliance but it was the striking of Wyatt that opened up the cut on Williams that was the ultimate decider in this match.

Lightweight champion Delorian "D Lo" Heaivilin (2-0) defeated Jesse Romero (2-1) in a non-title catchweight bout when “D Lo” locked in a triangle choke for the submission victory early in Round 1.  

Ultimate Reno Combat 24: Throwdown had several title fights with exciting finishes playing to a sold out crowd and once again confirmed why the promotion is Northern Nevada’s premier cage fighting promotion.  The only way to see this exciting 12-bout card is to order it on  Order now!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Combat USA Fighting Championship - Wisconsin State Finals 2011 Event Review

MMA : Combat USA Fighting Championship - State Finals

Combat USA Fighting Championship – Wisconsin State Finals 2011, crowned multiple State Champions to cap off an exciting night of fights in Green Bay, WI that featured wacky outcomes, dominant performances and razor thin decisions.  In the 145 lb title fight Josh Sterry (2-0) defeated Josh “Manic Maker” Kasee (7-6) via DQ for an intentional illegal knee in Round 1 when Sterry was unable to recover.  Hopefully down the line Combat USA Fighting Championship can re-match this fight as the unpopular turn of events left Kasee and the crowd wanting to continue the fight. 

In the 170 lb title fight Lenny Nelson (6-1) defeated Tim Hallock (3-1) via rear naked choke for submission midway through Round 1.  Nelson started quickly and landed a takedown, softened Hallock up with punches before transitioning to a choke for the tapout victory and State Championship at 170 lb.

The title fight at 185 lb was almost a carbon copy of the previous title fight as Hebert “Whisper” Goodman (11-7) defeated Gerald “The Machine” Meerschaert (11-4) via rear naked choke midway through Round 1.  After a quick exchange on the feet Goodman landed a takedown and secured a choke forcing the tapout. 

The final title fight of the night showcased the 155 lb division as Sherron Leggett (8-1) defeated James “The Unbreakable Heavy Hitter” Warfield (19-8) via unanimous decision in a close judgment.  Both men set a blistering pace and kept the fans on the edge of their seats until the final bell of this back and forth battle.  In the end Leggett’s hand was raised and he was crowned the State Champion of Wisconsin at 155 lb.

Combat USA Fighting Championship – Wisconsin State Finals 2011 featured a 9-bout card with 4 title fights that will lead into Regional Championships and ultimately a National Championship down the line with the Wisconsin Champions all defending their title belts and going for more titles. The full house got to witness a night filled with exciting matchups. The only way to watch this exciting card now is to order it exclusively on video on demand at!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Spring Brawl for All

“That’s kind of my thing -- not just putting on fights, but putting on events.”

For Chris “Crowbar” Tuchscherer being around the fights and the MMA game is something he is very familiar with.  Tuchscherer has been fighting professionally since 2004 and amassed a record of 21-4 in the process.  He is a UFC veteran and training partner to former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.   So what would make a successful athlete decide to go behind the scenes and take on the headache and financial burden of a promoter?   “I’m trying to raise the bar for regional shows and help grow and elevate the sport,” said Tuchscherer.

“I take pride in everything I do, whether it’s fighting or promoting shows and I don’t agree with the way some of the promoters out there put on events.  And the reason why is, if you see a show where the promoter puts on a terrible event with terrible fights and a crummy atmosphere then it hurts others in the business who are trying to give the fans a quality show.  It stains the whole business.  When someone goes to watch one of these poorly run shows they get a bad taste in their mouth about MMA.  That hurts promoters and fighters who do the right thing.”

Chris Tuchscherer under his promotional banner, Crowbar MMA, has been doing the right thing since he started promoting MMA events over a year ago and will be holding his latest event titled, Spring Brawl 2011, on April 29 at the Scheels Arena in Fargo, ND.  “I started Crowbar MMA last April.  We run a series of events throughout the year that play to the changing seasons. The fans know that Crowbar MMA will give them three high-end events every year.”  Along with Spring Brawl, Tuchscherer has promoted Fall Brawl and Winter Brawl events.

“I enjoy putting the fights together and being the promoter.  I do it different than a lot of these promoters.  Everybody’s trying to promote shows nowadays and a lot of guys that don’t know much about MMA are just trying to put on fights, to make a few bucks.  This is more personal to me.  I come from the MMA world, I feel like I know where the fighters are coming from and I’ve taken my experiences with a company like the UFC and tried to incorporate some of the things I’ve learned and dealt with in my career and use that knowledge when I’m putting my events together.  Everything from the way my posters look, to running commercials, radio ads, TV spots and my whole marketing and business plan.  It’s not your typical, small show.”

For the MMA fans of the Upper Midwest, Tuchscherer does more than promote fights.  “We’ve had three shows so far, this is our fourth show on April 29 and every show we’ve put together we’ve had great fights and put on an entertaining night for the fans.  I’ve had Brock Lesnar and Wanderlei Silva come as special guests to my events in the past and it’s because of the relationships I’ve made as a fighter that allows me to tap into new areas for my events that most other promoters cannot.  UFC fighters Aaron Simpson, CB Dollaway and Jon Madsen will be in attendance on April 29 for an autograph signing.  It’s kind of like what’s going on in the UFC, it’s something cool, and it’s not just fights.  You get the whole atmosphere of everything else.”

Tuchscherer continued, “That’s what I want to do with Crowbar MMA and all of the events that we hold.  My shows are not held in a ballroom with bad lighting and a poor seating arrangement.  I do all of my shows in arenas and we haven’t had a show draw poorly yet.  I want to give the fans an experience when they come to one of our productions.  There are so many people trying to put on shows now.  They’re putting them on in hotel ballrooms and bars.  To me, I kind of think it ruins the sport when you have people cutting corners and trying to make a quick buck.  It downgrades the product.  I’m invested in this thing.” 

For Spring Brawl 2011, Tuchscherer decided to up the ante on entertainment.  “When I first started doing my shows we had an after party and 1000 plus people would show up at the after party.  So we thought about it and after working out the details we booked Firehouse, a popular hair band from the 80s and early 90s.   So this time, after the fights are over, in the same arena, we are going to have Firehouse there playing as part of the after party.  It’s a two for one deal.  You can come to the fights and then when they are over stick around for the rest of the night and listen to Firehouse and enjoy the after party.  It’s one ticket because it’s all one event.”

Along with the entertainment extravaganza and big league atmosphere that Spring Brawl 2011 will showcase, it is the consistent matchmaking and action inside of the ring that excites fans and keeps them coming back for more.  The UFC-caliber big names that main event the Brawls along with the undercards that feature highly competitive fights have made Tuchscherer’s promotion the #1 organization in the Upper Midwest.   The events are high-end, quality productions that are accessible to fans in the region right in their own backyard.  It’s a job Tuchscherer relishes and wants to continue long after his fighting days are over. “I’ve proven myself in the area and have been getting a lot of positive attention on how I do business and on my events.   I hope to make this promotion continue to grow and we’ll see where it goes.” 

Tuchscherer understands the necessity to expand his reach outside of the greater Midwest area and that is one reason why he partnered with the GFL Combat Sports Network to stream his events live on  “Having our fights broadcast on an internet pay-per-view channel that is international in reach will allow me to present my product to an incredibly big market.  I know where I want to go and having my fights streamed live over the Internet is going to help get me there that much faster.  Also, I bring in people from all over the place, not just local guys to fight on my shows.  For this fight on April 29, I’ve got guys from California, Arizona, Missouri, Florida, so these people have fans that might not be able to afford to fly up to North Dakota for the fight.  Now they can pay their 10 bucks and watch the fights live online at GoFightLive in their own house.  It really helps to connect the sport to the fans and that’s a great thing.”

MMA : Spring Brawl 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gladiator Productions - Knock Out Night One Event Preview

MMA : Knock Out Night 1

Gladiator Productions presents its inaugural event Knock Out Night One on April 23, 2011 at the Williamson County Pavilion in Marion, IL.  Gladiator Productions debuts with a strong first-time card featuring a host of familiar names. 

In the main event, UFC veteran Hermes Franca (21-10) battles top prospect and M1 Global phenom Josh Thorpe (11-3).  Franca has faced a “who’s who” in the lightweight division including holding wins over Nate Diaz and Spencer Fisher and losing a narrow decision to current UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar.  Hot on a winning streak, Franca is looking to make Thorpe his next victim either by KO or submission as he has already done with 19 of his 21 wins.  Thorpe will look to use his wrestling to nullify Franca’s game plan and cage-savvy by controlling where the fight goes.  Thorpe will need to rely on his cardio advantage to push the pace and try to wear out the older Franca in the later rounds. 

The co-main event pits another UFC veteran Matt Veach (12-3) against contender Eric Wisely (14-5) in a lightweight battle featuring two of the game’s most intense workers.  Veach will be relying on the home crowd in Illinois to push him through the fight and exert his will on his opponent.  Wisely will look to use his powerful hands to add Veach’s name to his list of 11 TKO’s already on his record. 

Don’t miss this 7-bout card featuring veteran fighters from the UFC, Bellator, M-1 Global, K-1 and more!  Watch all of the fights LIVE on April 23 as Gladiator Productions presents Knock Out Night One on streaming pay-per-view only at!

Trilogy Championship Fighting - Rumble at the Ranch Event Preview

MMA : Trilogy Championship Fighting -Rumble at the Ranch

Trilogy Championship Fighting sets the stage with its debut event, Rumble at the Ranch, on April 23 at the Camelback Ranch-Glendale in Phoenix, Arizona. TCF comes out with a bang as the inaugural event includes a 12-bout card featuring six professional and six amateur fights. 

UFC veteran Edwin “Babyface” Dewees (35-12) squares off against tough challenger “Pick Em Up” Chuck Huus (6-2) in the night’s main event.  Dewees has had a storied career and been in epic battles with some of the legends of the sport including Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Rich Franklin.  One of the grizzled veterans of Arizona MMA, Dewees looks to show why he still deserves to be considered one of the sport’s best.  Huus is looking for a popular fighter to make his name off of and elevate his career and get to places Dewees has already been.   Both men are looking to use the other as a stepping stone which suggests this fight is going to be a high-octane, fast-paced match from start to finish.

The co-main event features IFL and BodogFight contender Ray “Bam Bam” Steinbeiss (12-7) against upstart Ryan Kelly (3-1).  Steinbeiss, a striking machine, has been in a lot of tough matchups and big fights, going the distance with current Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, Nick Diaz, and will be looking to take Kelly into deep water when the two battle it out.  Kelly is a grappling specialist and will be looking for an opportunity to grab a hold of a neck, arm or leg to end the fight quickly.

Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on April 23 as Trilogy Championship Fighting presents Rumble at the Ranch exclusively at

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SHOWDOWN Fights Shootout Event Review

MMA : Showdown Fights - Shootout

Showdown Fights provided another night of exciting fights but left the crowd stunned as hometown fighters in both the main event and co-main event were stopped in their respective bouts. 

In the main event, rising prospect Jordan “Mata Ele” Smith (15-2-1) succumbed to the standup striking of Tim “The Wrecking Machine” McKenzie (13-8).  The two gladiators squared up from the opening bell and McKenzie dropped Smith with a counter right hand and then finished the fight with a couple more strikes on the ground for good measure at 11 seconds in Round 1.  McKenzie was not fazed by the raucous crowd who were vocal for their support of Smith. 

In the co-main event Justin Buchholz (10-6) quieted the crowd with a rear naked choke submission victory over Salt Lake City resident Steve “Razor” Sharp midway through Round 1.  Sharp had settled into a rhythm on his feet landing punches and scoring points in the standup game, but then the fight went to the ground where it was all Buchholz as he displayed a high-level of grappling in securing a body triangle followed by the choke for the tapout win. 

The 11-bout card only had one decision the entire night.  The packed crowd got to witness plenty of knockouts and submissions to satisfy any fight fan. The only way to watch this exciting card now is to order it exclusively at!   

Ring of Fire 40 Backlash Event Review

MMA : Ring of Fire 40 - Backlash 

Ring of Fire 40 – Backlash should have been called Whiplash.  In a fight that only took seconds, Brandon “Rukus” Thatch (4-1) won the ROF Young Guns Welterweight Championship by spectacular KO in 19 seconds in Round 1.  Thatch immediately pounced on his opponent, Chris Holland, and caught him with a crisp right hand sending Holland down to the mat.  Thatch finished the fight on the ground where he threw a series of unanswered punches.  Thatch trains at Grudge Training Center in Denver, and added another championship to the world-renowned camp. 

In the co-main event Michelle “Wildcat” Blalock (1-0) defeated Casey Noland (2-1) by TKO in Round 2 to win the ROF Young Guns Women’s Lightweight Championship.  It was an exciting back-and-forth fight with Noland more than holding her own especially in the standup exchanges.  In the end, Blalock secured a triangle choke, but it was the series of elbows to the head that caused the ref to step in an award the victory to Blalock via TKO in Round 2.  This sets up a title VS title fight as after the match the husband of reigning ROF Women’s Lightweight Champion, Cat Zingano (5-0), entered the cage and challenged Blalock to fight his wife.  Blalock accepted and set up a “Wildcat” VS “Cat” title bout down the line.  

Ring of Fire, the staple of MMA in Colorado and the Rockies, delivered another night of exciting fights.  New champions were crowned and future title fights were made.  Be sure to check out the complete 12-bout event on video on demand only at!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Brawl 2011 Event Preview

MMA : Spring Brawl 2011

Spring Brawl 2011 returns to action on April 29 at the Scheels Arena in Fargo, ND.  Along with a great night of fights featuring a 10-fight card, Crowbar MMA has added another attraction for the evening’s festivities.  The award winning band Firehouse will be playing directly after the event for the in-house audience. 

The main event features a heavyweight throw down between UFC veteran James "The Hammer" McSweeney (4-6) VS. Francisco "Kiko" France (6-1).  Both McSweeney and France are looking to launch powerful bombs in each other’s direction so this night will be full of fireworks. In the co-main event Tat “Mean Bean” Romero (16-3) fights Bellator vet Chris Page (2-4) in what is sure to be a barnburner as these two fighters always compete in overdrive.

The card also has a pair of women’s fights with world-ranking implications.  #3 Shana “Rock Solid” Olsen (3-1) battles Elaina “Beef” Maxwell (4-4) in one fight while #9 Barb “Little Warrior” Honchak (3-1) squares off against Nina Ansaroff (1-1) in the other women’s fight. 

Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on April 29 as Crowbar MMA presents Spring Brawl 2011 exclusively at

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ultimate Reno Combat 24 Throw Down Event Preview

MMA : Ultimate Reno Combat 24 - Throw Down

Northern Nevada’s premier cage fighting event is back as Ultimate Reno Combat 24 presents Throw Down on April 22 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. 

The 12-fight event is headlined by FOUR title fights.  In the main event Oscar Ramirez (5-0) faces Shaun Nance (3-1) for the Flyweight Championship.  The undefeated Ramirez is a veteran of Ultimate Reno Combat and an extremely quick starter who has only had one fight get out of the first round and that ended in the second.  Ramirez looks to keep his title and streak alive against the Oregon import Shaun Nance.  Nance is on a three-fight winning streak stopping his last two opponents by TKO and is looking to make Ramirez number three.   

The co-main event features Brandon Frunk (8-2) battling Marcus Ocegueda (3-4), for the Bantamweight Championship.  Brunk is the hometown boy who also holds the title and a wealth of experience.  He will need to rely on that experience and the support of the crowd as he tussles with the uncanny Ocegueda.  None of Ocegueda’s fights have ever gone the distance and Frunk will need to be extremely cautious in cracking Ocegueda’s all-or-nothing style of fighting. 

In other action, Welterweight Champion Jordan Williams (3-0) defends his title against Corey Wyatt (5-2), while Lightweight Champion Delorian “D Lo” Heaivilin (1-0) is also scheduled to compete on the card as he puts his lightweight belt on the line. 

Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today!  Don’t miss this event as Ultimate Reno Combat 24 presents Throw Down on April 22 exclusively on

Monday, April 11, 2011

Combat USA Fighting Championship State Finals - Wisconsin Event Preview

MMA : Combat USA Fighting Championship - State Finals

Combat USA Fighting Championship returns for the State Finals of Wisconsin on April 22 at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The card features a four fight co-main event featuring the finale of the four-man tournaments to crown champions in multiple weight divisions. The combatants bring a wealth of experience into the fights. Josh "Manic Maker" Kasee (7-5) challenges veteran Nick Agallar (24-6) for the 145 lb championship, while Sherron Leggett (7-1) battles James "The Unbreakable Heavy Hitter" Warfield (19-7) for the 155 lb title. In the 170 lb finals, undefeated Tim Hallock (3-0) competes against Lenny Nelson (5-1) while the 185 lb title will match Gerald "The Machine" Meerschaert (11-3) against Herbert "Whisper" Goodman (10-7)

Combat USA Fighting Championship follows a unique format in MMA and one that has given them the moniker of the "NCAA of MMA". Combat USA takes the top pros within each state and has them fight in a tournament to crown state champions in each weight class. After State Champions are determined the titleholders fight the State Champions in neighboring states for the regional title. Finally, the Regional Champions square off to establish one National Champion in each weight class.

Tuff-N-Uff Welterweight Championship Event Review

MMA : Tuff-N-Uff Welterweight Championship

Tuff-N-Uff provided another great night of fights to the fans in attendance and watching live on  The evening was chock-full of exciting finishes and three round wars.  In the main event, Lee Henry Lilly took on defending welterweight champion Eddie “Ambien” Jackson in a hotly contested match that showcased both men’s hearts and skills.  Jackson showed why he is the champion as he defended his belt and won a unanimous decision in front of a raucous crowd.

The co-main event featured a women’s title fight in the 115 lb division as Jocelyn “Justice” Lybarger faced Ashley Cummins.  Cummins executed a beautiful armbar and got the tapout victory in Round 1.  The undercard included several exciting fights, highlighted by a rumble between Giovanni “Gio” Zavala battling Israel “Junior” Lozano in a matchup of 205ers.  Zavala won with vicious ground and pound when the referee stopped the fight in Round 1.

Tuff-N-Uff is one of the premier amateur MMA promotions in the world and consistently puts on exciting events with “The Future Star of MMA” series featuring many of the top gyms in and around the Las Vegas area.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andre Gusmao Showcases His Unique Artistry at CFFC 7

“I’m taking my fights one at a time.”
For many mixed martial artists, it’s about getting to the finish line.  For most, the finish line is fighting in the UFC, having your fights viewed by millions of people and gaining a pseudo celebrity status in the sport.  But what if after only five fights you received the call up to the UFC?  What if you accomplished something in two years that thousands of professional mixed martial artists and millions of aspiring mixed martial artists have never and will never get the chance to do?  What do you do then?

Well if you’re the even-tempered, Andre Gusmao, you take your fights the same way you take the days of your life, one at a time.  After rising in prominence and gaining national exposure from his spectacular fights as a member of the IFL New York Pitbulls, Gusmao was awarded a UFC contract.  His first fight was with a relatively unknown prospect named Jon Jones.  Name sound familiar?  This is the same Jon Jones who is now the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion.  Gusmao fought Jones to a decision, something most 205ers in the world cannot do, but ended up taking the loss on the judges’ scorecards.     After a rocky showing in his next UFC fight, Gusmao suffered another setback and was released from his UFC deal.
But that hasn’t deterred Gusmao from continuing his fight career.  Since his UFC release, Gusmao has been looking for credible opponents to fight, but that has become harder and harder to achieve.  “I had two fights fall through at the final moment last year, so I had a tough year finding opponents,” said Gusmao.  As a fighter looking to rebuild momentum and get another run with the global leader in MMA, the ability to get fights is the first step to accomplishing that objective.  So when Cage Fury Fighting Championships offered up an opponent, Gusmao and his camp jumped at the opportunity.  “I got the call from the promoter of CFFC about fighting Tim [Williams].  Tim’s a very tough guy, who has stopped all of his previous opponents and he is a big challenge for me, but I’m excited to get back to fighting, so I took it.  I think it will be a tremendous fight for the fans and I’m happy to be able to continue my career.”

New York City and the Tri-state area has become a second home for the Brazilian transplant, as well as many of Brazil’s other top MMA athletes.  Renzo Gracie was the trailblazer and first Gracie to move to the East Coast, bringing with him the greatest-branded family name and tradition in MMA.  After that, many Brazilians descended on to NYC and the adjoining suburbs and counties to train with the world-famous Gracie.  But Gusmao’s story is quite different.

Gusmao explains, “I’m from Brazil and I came to America eight years ago.  I was invited by the Capoeira Foundation Association of USA to come as an instructor.  It’s a very big honor because there are only a few guys that are invited as guests by other countries to come teach Capoeira to the local people and I am one of them.  The Association brings guys up from Brazil and has them teach Capoeira to people in the U.S.  So that’s how I came to New York and started teaching Capoeira.  After doing that for a while, Renzo invited me to teach it [Capoeira] at his academy which I do along with teaching MMA now.”

Capoeira is a type of martial art developed in Brazil and also includes elements of music and sports into the overall artistry of the discipline.  The martial art is mainly a combination of strikes, most notably punches and kicks, knees and leg sweeps with a mixture of ground and airborne techniques which resemble a type of gymnastics dance.  Originally, Capoeira was created by the slaves brought across the Atlantic to Brazil in colonial times, but now Capoeira is part of the larger Brazilian culture and has immersed itself into many different areas of Brazilian daily life.

Now a Professor in Capoeira, Gusmao explained the benefits of the art as it relates to his mixed martial arts fighting, “Capoeira gives me an advantage with speed and conditioning.  I move faster than everybody else because of my background with Capoeira.  Capoeira helps me locate my timing in a fight.  It also gives me a good range with the length of my kicks and helps me get the correct distance from my opponent. “

Along with the training he does at the Renzo Gracie Academy, Gusmao also trains with Ricardo Almeida and believes he is hitting on all cylinders for his fight against Williams at CFFC.  “My training for this fight is going much better than in the past.  I train at Ricardo’s gym two times a week.”  Almeida, who recently announced his retirement from active competition, leaving a multi-fight deal on the table with the UFC, did so in part to focus more on his academy and his students.  “Ricardo did what was best for him and his family and that is good for him.  Ricardo is a great competitor and he will be missed in fighting.  But he is still at his gym, training guys, all the time.  I am still training with him every week for my fight.  Everything is still the same as far as that goes.”

With Gusmao looking to put on an exciting fight on April 16 for the fans he understands the importance of having his fight streamed live online at and what it means in the broader context of MMA.  “People all over the world want to watch fights and now with fights being shown on the Internet that is possible.  Now people can follow more and more fighters and events if they have a computer and most people have one or have access to one.  More people will get a chance to see my fight with Tim so that adds extra incentive to me to perform the best that I can.  I also want to do well for the fans.  The sport is now more wide open for people because of the Internet.  It’s great.  Now you can even watch stuff on the Internet through your TV.” 

As for what Gusmao has planned in the future, “I’m only focused on Tim right now.  After the fight, if I am successful, then I’ll figure out what I am going to do next.  I have other promoters that are interested in me, but right now I am only thinking about my fight on April 16 with Tim. “

Ringside 10 Cote VS Starnes Event Review

MMA : RingSide 10: Cote vs Starnes

Ringside 10: Cote VS Starnes delivered huge action on Saturday night (April 9) as six of the nine bouts ended in knockouts or submissions.  The event was headlined by two UFC veterans and consistent warriors as Patrick “The Predator” Cote (14-7) was able to defeat Kalib Starnes (12-5-1) via unanimous decision where both men had their moments, with Cote doing just enough to earn the victory in a close fight.  Roger “The Hullk” Hollet (11-3) continued his domination in the Great White North as he defeated a game Martin “The Stress” Desilets (10-3) via TKO in Round 2.  Also on the card, UFC and IFL vet Seth “The Polish Pistola” Baczynski (13-7) gave formerly undefeated Alex “The Animal” Garcia (6-1) his first loss via TKO in Round 2.  

If you’re looking for exciting fights with decisive endings order Ringside 10: Cote VS Starnes NOW!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) Event Preview

MMA : Cage Fury Fighting Championship 7 - No Mercy

Cage Fury Fighting Championships returns to action on April 16 at the Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ as CFFC hosts its next exciting MMA event, No Mercy, streamed live exclusively on  The promotion is back with an 11 bout card featuring a sensational main event headlined by former UFC and IFL vet Andre Gusmao (6-2) VS undefeated upstart Tim Williams (5-0). 

Both Gusmao and Williams are known for their aggressive style with only one fight between them ever having gone to a decision; and that lone decision was a fight Gusmao had with reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, back at UFC 87.  Gusmao and Williams will be true to form on April 16 and give the fans a fight loaded with fireworks. 

The co-main event features two seasoned lightweights as Lester Caslow (6-4), fresh off a stint with Bellator looks to test Eddie Fyvie (8-4).  Both men are desperate for a win and will do anything to get it so expect a tough battle in that match. 

From the promotion that launched the career of Kimbo Slice, see what other superstar is waiting to burst on to the national scene as CFFC presents No Mercy, April 16 LIVE on!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Shootout in the Cage: Utah’s SHOWDOWN Fights Sets the Stage for Top-Level Talent

“SHOWDOWN is the top promotion in Utah, so being the main event is pretty cool.  I’m coming back to Utah for this matchup with Tim.  I need fights with well-known guys, and Tim has that.”  Smith recounts

Tim McKenzie definitely has earned his name in MMA.  He has traveled the globe throughout his 10+ year career that has seen stints with the UFC, WEC, Bodog and Pancrase.  The Wrecking Machine has done damage on several continents and after having moderate success in those organizations, McKenzie is focused on doing what is necessary to return to the roster spot he once held. He has now situated himself and his training in Northern California, a mecca for MMA.  He splits his time between San Francisco and the world famous Fairtex gym and Stockton, two hotbed areas which are home to several world champions.  “I’ve got to the UFC…I want to get back there.  I want to go out on top and I don’t plan on going out any time soon.  I have quite a few fights left in me.  I’m going to fight until I can’t fight anymore.  I’m only 28 years old.”

McKenzie believes SHOWDOWN Fights is also the right platform for him to pick up steam.  “In 2011 we’re open.  If they [SHOWDOWN] want me to come back that would be great.  I’d love to have a home there.  SHOWDOWN is a great organization.  I’ve fought for Scott Adams in the past, he’s a great guy, knows what he’s doing, and I look forward to working with him again.”

McKenzie realizes the environment he will walk into on April 16 will not be a friendly one.   “He’s the local guy, so that means I’m going to have to beat him everywhere the fight goes.  He’s the hometown hero and I’m going to beat the hometown hero.  It will be a battle of attrition and one that I will win.  To get where I need to be, I have to get a couple wins in a row and right now, Jordan is one of my obstacles.” 

Jordan Smith is more than an obstacle.  A former 7th grade science teacher, Smith retired from that profession last year so he could focus full-time on his MMA career.  Now Smith is  represented by Tough Media Inc.,  the management side of the world famous Black House family which also represents such fighters as UFC Champions Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo, former UFC champion Lyoto Machida, #1 UFC Contender Junior Dos Santos the Nogueira brothers and several others.  As one of the fastest rising young stars in the sport, Smith trains with a goldmine of talent. 

Beaming with confidence, Smith explained, “The training sessions at Black House are ridiculous.  When you’re used to getting punched by Anderson Silva or kicked in the head by Lyoto Machida there’s not much out there that scares you.  My standup is definitely my strongest point.  There is nothing that Tim McKenzie is going to be able to do standup-wise to me except catch my punches.” 

But a standup war is exactly what McKenzie wants too.  “I’m excited about the matchup.  He likes to stand and bang as do I and that makes for an exciting fight.  I only like to put on entertaining fights and this one looks to be an amazing fight.  I’m here to cash checks and break necks.”

Both men exude an overwhelming confidence in their abilities also observed by their flashy nicknames.  “The Wrecking Machine” is pretty self-explanatory and creates a visual image that is crystal clear.  But unless you are fluent in Portuguese, “Mata Ele” is a bit more mysterious.  Smith explains “I got the nickname from one of my trainers, Aldo Oreggia.  It means ‘Kill him’ in Portuguese.  It’s started as a war cry that Brazilians say before going into battle and it turned into my nickname when I had a few fights and went with a balls to the wall fighting style.”  That style of fighting helped Smith win “Fight of the Night” in his last showing in Brazil with Bitetti Combat, where he was the only American on the card.

Along with a great night of fights, the production quality of SHOWDOWN Fights is sure to add to its ongoing value in the MMA marketplace.  Very few regional promotions have the ability to offer the type of attraction that SHOWDOWN gives to the fans.  With Shootout streaming live on it will provide an excellent setting for the fighters to showcase their abilities to a wider audience and it’s one of the few things both McKenzie and Smith agree on.

“That’s a great promotion for not only us the fighters but also the fans to be able to have access to the fights on the Internet,” said McKenzie 

“I think it’s great to have Internet pay-per-views.  Putting fights on the web and having that outlet for fans to watch online is great for the sport.  We can get more sponsorship money and so can the promoters, which helps sell the sport,” explained Smith.

It is yet to be decided who will take the next step forward in their career.  That will be resolved in the cage.  Make no mistake; Tim McKenzie VS Jordan Smith has all the credibility of a matchup that could be on any promotions’ fight card, including a UFC card.  The fans in Orem, UT and on are in for a treat with a highly competitive night of fights and an outstanding main event, when SHOWDOWN Fights Presents Shootout on April 16.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ring of Combat XXXV Event Preview

MMA : Lou Neglia

Ring of Combat, the organization that helped launch the career of UFC Lightweight Champion, Frankie Edgar, is back with ROC XXXV.  The organization returns to the world-famous Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday, April 8 with a stacked 15-bout card!  Watch as some of the East Coast’s best collide in combat.

ROC XXXV is headlined by perennial ROC mainstay, George Sullivan (8-2) as he takes on the up and coming Elijah Harshbarger (5-2) in a welterweight barnburner.   UFC vet Chris “The Story” Liguori (12-8), riding a three-fight win streak, faces the battle-tested Mikhail Malyutin (9-8) from team Red Devil,  who is coming off a spectacular win against PRIDE veteran Luiz Azeredo.

Former ROC middleweight champion Uriah Hall looks to return to his winning ways as he clashes with Aung La “The Burmese Python” Nsang.  Also in action will be UFC and Strikeforce vet Sean Salmon.  Order Ring of Combat XXXV LIVE on on April 8!