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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pro Wrestlig Stars of the Past, Present, and Future on Display and Direct to You

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For pro wrestling fans, the squared circle has always been a place where memories are made.  For some, memories are all that’s left of the sport’s greatest performers.  Now fans get a chance to walk down memory lane to see some of the all-time greats do what they do best in rare footage that covers years in the business.  Pro Wrestling Superstars – Past, Present and Future presents Wrestling’s Lost Treasures premiers June 7, exclusively on the GFL Combat Sports Network at 

The 15-match, 3-hour extravaganza showcases many of the top pro wrestlers in the business.  The pay-per-view has something for every pro wrestling fan and the lineup reads like a hit list of some of the greatest in-ring performers and entertainers the business has produced in the last 30 years.  

One highlight of the show is sure to be the 3-way match between Eddie Guerrero VS Rey Mysterio, Jr., VS CM Punk.  All three men have held WWE World Championships in their storied careers and the match should be quite a treat for fans of the fast-paced athletic style that all three wrestlers have used as the cornerstone to their unique styles.   The match also offers a chance to look to the past and remember Eddie Guerrero, a legendary man in the game, no longer with us, who carried the WWE not only in the ring as World Champion but who also broke the mold and opened doors for future wrestlers cut from the same cloth to be able to main event at the WWE level.  For Guerrero’s legacy you need look no further than the opponents in this match, Rey Mysterio, Jr. and CM Punk to see the trailblazing and impact Guerrero had on the business continues today at its highest echelon.  Mysterio, Jr. wrestles without a mask so for newer fans this is an opportunity to see what the masked luchador looks like.  For fans of CM Punk this is also a unique chance to see him in the ring with two other wrestlers that can go hold for hold and step for step with him.  A classic match to be sure, from three of the business’s top grapplers.

The return of Sid Vicious also highlights this event.  After suffering a nearly career-ending leg injury at a WCW pay-per-view event back in 2001, Sid makes his triumphant return to the ring for the first time following that terrible accident that broke his lower leg in half.  As one of the select few to be World Champion in both the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Vicious is a legend in the sport and one that deserves to have his return match viewed by the same fans that witnessed him suffer such a horrific, debilitating and devastating injury.  The return of Sid Vicious is the return of one of the few giants in the business to change the game.  An athletic big man, Vicious no doubt will look to unload some of the power moves that made him so special and such a fan favorite.

This event also showcases the magnificent Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan in WWE) VS Kid Kash VS Extremo in another athletically-based match.  With no time restraints, these three should tear down the house.  Amazing Red VS Xavier compete in what will no doubt be a display of aerial moves that is hard to top.  Both Amazing Red and Xavier have made a name on the regional circuit and have competed in front of TNA and ROH fans, respectively.  For fans that only watch national wrestling promotions, you will get a healthy dose of creative artistry in this bout that you can’t see on the USA or Spike channels.

ROH stalwarts El Generico and Steve Corino also appear on this pay-per-view presenting their cutting-edge ring work.  El Generico is featured in two matches, one of which is against former PWG World Tag Team partner “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen.  For fans that have never witnessed El Generico in action, this event is a great opportunity to watch the peculiar and charisma-enhanced enigma that is El Generico.  Steve Corino battles ECW veteran Balls Mahoney in a Last Man Standing match.  “The King of Old School” is sure to pull out all of the stops that have made him a fan favorite for over a decade.  For Mahoney, always one of the more hardcore wrestlers, a Last Man Standing match is the right environment to push the envelope of violence and take this match to the extreme.  

When talking violence there in no one who has made a career out of dishing it out more than Abdullah the Butcher.  Abdullah has sliced and diced his way through almost every territory in the world with his unique ability to inflict pain on others and himself.  No doubt Wrestling’s Lost Treasures will highlight some of the Butcher’s most bloody matches.  If for no other reason, get to see what a real outlaw in professional wrestling looks like as Abdullah the Butcher takes on the late Dino Bravo and others.

With professional wrestling becoming more and more corporate every year, Wrestling’s Lost Treasures presented by Pro Wrestling Superstars – Past, Present and Future, is a chance to rewind the tape and see the art form with no limitations – no commercials, no time restraints and no artistic restrictions.  For 3 hours fans get to see some of the best pro wrestling has to offer from its past, present and future stars.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Absolute Action MMA - AAMMA 14 Event Preview

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Kentucky’s #1 MMA promotion returns as Absolute Action MMA presents Absolute Action MMA 14 at Rupp Arena – Heritage Hall in Lexington, KY on June 4. This is a mega-card with 23 bouts scheduled for the night.  Both professional and amateur MMA will be on display as Kentucky’s leading MMA organization presents another stacked event.  

In the main event, Ewa Johnson (3-1) battles Sarah Cook (2-2) for the women’s 145 lb amateur AAMMA title.  Johnson makes her return to the cage after a year-long layoff and looks to pick up right where she left by scoring another victory, this time for the championship.  Cook is looking to regroup and regain her momentum after suffering a tough loss in her last fight.  Both women have their backs against the wall with something to prove with the winner being crowned champion.

In the co-main event, veteran James Ballinger will be making his professional debut after amassing a 11-8 record on the amateur circuit.  He battles Zachery Sanders (1-1) in a matchup of rising stars in the Bluegrass State. 

In other action, Ryan Debelak (3-1) takes on Troy Blevins, Jr. (5-3).  Debelak is a formidable striker with all of his wins coming by strikes and will look to connect with his patented heavy hands again.  Blevins, Jr. already holds a win over Debelak and will look to use his mental edge and cage experience to once again come out on top.  Light heavyweights Brandon Stewart (6-1) and Kelly Pennigton (3-0) also square off.    The undefeated Pennington hasn’t had a fight go into the second round and all 6 of Stewart’s victories have also come in Round 1.  Don’t blink when these two bulls lock horns because it could be a quick and decisive victory for one of them.

You won’t find more BANG for your buck than this card.  Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on June 4 as Absolute Action presents Absolute Action MMA 14 exclusively at

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Claudio Ledesma - From Hoop Dreams to Cage Dreams

Claudio Ledesma vs. Michael Murray

“I’ve come really far in a short amount of time, but I don’t think I’ve reached my full potential.”

For Claudio Ledesma, his journey through the world of mixed martial arts is unusual even for a sport as diverse as MMA.  Now an East Coast stalwart on the regional scene, Ledesma has an athletic background that more closely mirrors LeBron James rather than Randy Couture.

“I played basketball all through high school and college.  Basketball was my sport.  After my wife and I got married we moved west from where we used to live and I couldn’t find any good basketball games in my new area.  My friends didn’t come up as much because we lived a little further away.  I was looking for something to feed my competitive nature.”   Ledesma found that in MMA and a whole lot more.
“As luck would have it, I kept getting stuck at this one stop light on my way home from work.  Day after day I kept stopping at this one particular light and that happened to be where a martial arts school was located.  I started out doing it casually; but with my competitive nature I began training more and more and that led to some grappling tournaments and a couple amateur fights and now I’m fighting professionally.  It all kind of fell in my lap,” said Ledesma.

“I’m a really late bloomer in the sport.  I didn’t do any kind of martial art until I was 23, 24 years old.  I’m 28 now so I’ve only been in the game about five years.”  In those five years, Ledesma has seen his game grow and evolve while training alongside some of the world’s top instructors.  “I train at the Renzo Gracie Academy twice a week and I train at Real World Martial Arts which is a Renzo Gracie affiliate school under George Sernack who is a black belt under Renzo.  George wants me to train with Renzo twice a week because that’s the mecca of what we do.  So I share my time between both gyms and it’s improved my game so much.  Every training session or fight I do the best that I can.  I never try to leave anything on the mat.”
Ledesma, a bantamweight, is known for his face-paced style and holds a record of 4-1.  He will be fighting in the main event for Ring of Combat XXXVI on June 17 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  For the rising talent, Ledesma, it’s been a fast ride to main event status.  Being a main eventer and fighting for a championship is pressure enough but Ledesma was recently informed of an opponent change.  

“When I got the call that Dustin [Pague] was out, my manager and I started brainstorming all the names in this area who were available and we couldn’t come up with anyone.  My new opponent is Jason Sampson he’s a brown belt from Texas and is 6-0.  I’m glad they went out and got somebody of Jason’s stature for the fight.  The promoter did his homework and put together a great fight.  I didn’t want to fight some replacement who was coming off of a loss or who had a lousy record.  They got a guy who has never lost and is worthy of a title shot.   The good news for me is the fight is still for the bantamweight title.  Dustin [Pague] had to vacate his title so my fight will still be for a championship.” 

As for the matchup, sometimes opponents can have very different styles and the preparation and game-planning that goes into one opponent can be completely different for training for another opponent.  Things can become even more difficult when a fighter is in the middle of training camp.  For Ledesma, that doesn’t seem to be a concern.  “It’s going to be a war.  He doesn’t back up in his fights and neither do I.  I think we’re going to go head to head and go at it.  It’s going to be fun.  He [Sampson] likes to be on the ground and I’m a grappler too so it should be an interesting fight.  It’s the type of fight that will probably end with a cool submission.  He’s an accomplished fighter, so I’m not underestimating him.  He’s never been beat so I’m looking to be the first person to put him in that L column.”

For Ledesma, beginning a new sport in his 20s or an opponent change in a championship bout is nothing compared to the daily grind of being a professional mixed martial artist in 2011.  For most fighters, finding time to train is secondary to working a full-time job to make ends meet.  “Right now, life is rough.  I work for a bridge contractor.  I’m a superintendent for a construction company that specializes in building and rehabbing bridges.  I’m working nights at the Brooklyn Bridge.  I work nights, come home, nap for a few hours and then I train all day, come home, take a nap and then go to work.  It’s a little rough on the personal life but my wife is the most understanding person on the face of this Earth.  George [Sernack], my Jiu-Jitsu instructor, calls her the number one MMA wife in the world,” Ledesma said.  

Along with the support Ledesma receives from his wife and immediate family, he will have quite the cheering section on June 17 both onsite at the fight, and watching online via pay-per-view at  “I think it’s amazing.  I have a lot of friends who can’t make it down to Atlantic City to watch me fight but they have no problem paying the 10 bucks and watching me on GoFightLive.  It helps knowing you have a lot of support from friends who can’t be with me in the arena; I know they are still watching me fight on the Internet.  It also helps me because as soon as I get my opponent, I go to GoFightLive and type in his name and see if they have any fights with him on there and then buy them and study my opponent.  It’s very easy and accessible to use and a great tool for fighters.”

As for what the future holds for Claudio Ledesma he’s no different from any other competitor in the sport who is looking to make it to the top.  But with him, you get the feeling that it is more about the journey than the destination.  For a guy who traded in his high-tops for some four-ounce gloves; who went from shooting hoops to trading punches in a cage, through it all, Ledesma has kept an even keel.  “I would love to do this for a living, but that’s not why I do it.  I love to compete and this sport has given me that outlet.” 

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Jawbreaker Fights - Jawbreaker 11 - East Coast VS West Coast Event Review

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Jawbreaker fights presented Jawbreaker Fights 11 – East Coast VS West Coast to a packed crowd at the Longbranch Entertainment Complex in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The card had a mixture of both MMA and boxing and showcased some of the top mixed martial artists and boxers in the Mid-Atlantic region.  In the boxing main event, Donnell Harris (33-1) defeated Jimmy Haynes (22-17) via KO in Round 2.  Harris, a giant of a man, landed cleaner, harder shots throughout the fight and eventually put the tough Haynes down for good to the cheers of the adoring crowd.  

In other boxing action, in a mild upset, John Willoughby (4-6) knocked out the formerly undefeated Vernon Alston (6-1).  Alston was controlling the action until Willoughby unloaded a hard right hand that instantly turned the tide of the fight.  To his credit, Willoughby stayed busy throughout the fight even when he was getting the worse of the exchanges and pulled the trigger at the perfect time.

In the main event of the MMA, Blake Risk (6-0) added another win to his unbeaten record as he won a unanimous decision over Jarred Miller (0-1).  Risk controlled the fight and won every round on the judges’ scorecards.  In the MMA co-main event, Mark “Chango” Pellon beat Bobby Oakley (1-2) by TKO in Round 2.   

Be sure to catch all of the fireworks on this stacked card including both MMA and boxing as Jawbreaker Fights presents Jawbreaker Fights 11 – East Coast VS West Coast exclusively at and only on video on demand.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disorderly Conduct - The Return Event Review

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Disorderly Conduct – The Return played to a packed card at the The Tip Top Ballroom in Omaha, Nebraska.  To the fans in Omaha, this was more than your average MMA event as it saw the return of a hometown hero.  A great night of fights with all 10 bouts finishing with either a KO or submission was capped off by a special main event that fans will remember for a long time.

In the main event, local superstar and undefeated fighter Joe “Excalibur” Ellenberger (11-0) defeated Jeff Carstens (8-21) via Kimura submission lock in Round 1.  The fight in the cage was nothing compared to the battle Ellenberger has been fighting for the past two years.  The fraternal twin of UFC standout Jake Ellenberger, “Excalibur” was diagnosed with a rare blood disease which derailed his career for two years.  Finally cleared for fighting, Ellenberger did what he does best and scored another victory in front of an adoring and overwhelming crowd.  After a short feeling out period, Ellenberger landed a takedown.  Both fighters were very active resulting in several scrambles but Ellenberger always maintained control on the ground finally securing the Kimura from side mount for the tapout win. The ballroom came unglued and celebrated Ellenberger’s win.

In the co-main event, Justin Grizzard (7-12) defeated Brad Scholten (11-8) via heel hook in Round 2 of a heavyweight battle.  Round 1 was a back and forth affair with many observers giving the round to Scholten.  In the second, Grizzard was in trouble as Scholten secured a rear naked choke but Grizzard was able to escape that and clamped on the dangerous leg-submission.  Scholten secured a foot lock of his own, grabbing a toe hold, and after dueling leg locks, Grizzard got the tapout and the victory over a tough opponent.  

Disorderly Conduct – The Return is the promotion’s finest card to date.  Exciting fighters from around the Midwest filled out the undercard with amateur and professional rising talents on display and the main event had everyone standing.  The only way to see this exciting 10-bout card is to order it exclusively on  Order now!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hard Knocks Fighting Championship - School of Hard Knocks: Medicine Hat Event Preview

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Hard Knocks Fighting Championship brings School of Hard Knocks: Medicine Hat, a highly anticipated 11-bout card to the Cypress Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada May 27.  Western Canada has a rich history in the combat sports and HKFC always gives the fans of this Rocky Mountains area an entertaining night of fights.

In the main event, Chris “The Crippler” Ade (15-16) battles Jarod Milko (3-1) in a welterweight contest.  Ade is coming off a victory at School of Hard Knocks 10 and will look to add to his momentum against Milko.  Ade also brings tons of experience to the cage and will look to take the relative newcomer Milko into deep waters.  The hard-punching Milko is coming off of his first professional defeat and will look to give “The Crippler” some of his own medicine and finish the fight quickly as he is accustomed to doing in his previous victories.  

Along with the main event and 2 other professional bouts, HKFC is a proving ground for amateur fighters ready to earn their stripes. The 8-bout amateur series will separate the contenders from the pretenders as 10 fighters will be making their MMA debuts inside of the cage.  Highlighting the amateur fights will be Mike Geohr (debut) against Justin Schmidt (2-1) in a light heavyweight battle.   

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring Western Canada’s finest MMA athletes competing in front of a packed house.   Watch all of the fights exclusively on video on demand starting May 28 as Hard Knock Fighting Championship presents School of Hard Knocks: Medicine Hat on pay-per-view only at!

Reality Fighting - Mohegan Sun Event Review

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New England’s longest running MMA promotion, Reality Fighting brought down the house with another stacked card in front of a packed crowd at the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena.  The 8-bout card featured three Super Fights rounding out an exciting undercard.  Five of the eight matches did not make it to the final bell and the fights that went the distance were epic battles.  

In the main event, Joey Proctor (6-1) defeated Oz Pariser (4-1) via unanimous decision.  Proctor, trained by UFC fighter Joe Lauzon, prevailed in a tough battle with the formerly undefeated Pariser.  Both lightweights gave the crowd a main event worthy finale but in the end Proctor did more damage and controlled the fight earning the judges’ nod.

The co-main event was even closer as Joe McGann (3-1-1) and Ryan Quinn (5-2-1) fought to a draw after three close rounds.  This is a match where both men can hold their heads up as the fight was too close to call.  Both McGann and Quinn shined in the fight and maybe the fans will demand an immediate rematch.

The other co-main event of the night left no doubt about whom the victor was, as Marianna Kheyfets (3-0) beat Kaline Medeiros by triangle choke submission in Round 3.  Kheyfets stays unbeaten and the debuting Medeiros displayed great courage and heart in defeat taking the American Top Team fighter, Kheyfets, into the final round before falling victim to the fight ending choke.

Reality Fighting promoted another great card with three Super Fights and several exciting finishes playing to a full capacity crowd at the beautiful Mohegan Sun Casino Arena and once again proved why the promotion is New England’s premier cage fighting promotion.  The only way to see this exciting 8-bout card is to order it on  Order now!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

CFFC 8 Seek N' Destroy Event Review

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships was back in Atlantic City, New Jersey as it presented CFFC 8 – Seek N' Destroy at the Resorts Hotel and Casino.  The event honored the U.S. Military Forces in an early Memorial Day Weekend celebration.  The fighters all gave their best and it made for an action-packed event that featured 6 of 7 fights ending in either knockout or submission.  

In the main event, Joey “Boom Boom” Rivera (6-0) submitted Doug “Flash” Gordon (11-10) via triangle choke in Round 2.  The first round went back and forth with Rivera being the more active in the grappling situations.  In the second, Gordon dropped Rivera in the standup then followed him to ground, which ended up being a costly mistake as Rivera worked from the bottom and secured the triangle choke and the victory to stay unbeaten.  This was Rivera’s first fight to go past Round 1 but ended as all his others had. The welterweight Rivera showed why he is a force to be reckoned with in the CFFC 170 lb division. 

In the co-main event, Jay Coleman (7-4) defeated Sam Jackson (10-21) via TKO in Round 2 of their 155 lb battle.  Coleman was originally slated to face CFFC Lightweight Champ Marques Daniels, but that fight was scrapped and late-replacement Sam Jackson stepped in.  After a four-year layoff, Coleman showed little cage rust but unrelenting ground and pound in his win over the game Jackson. Hopefully for Coleman, his next fight will be against Daniels for the 155 lb title. 

CFFC 8 – Seek N' Destroy had several exciting finishes playing to a packed crowd and once again confirmed why the promotion is the premier Northeast cage fighting organization.  The only way to see this exciting 7-bout card loaded with some of the top East Coast prospects is to order it on  Order now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fight Time Productions - Fight Time 5 Total Destruction Event Preview

Poster coming soon!

Howard Davis Jr.’s Fight Time Promotions presents Fight Time 5 – Total Destruction on June 17, 2001 at the War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Fight Time Promotions is the proving ground for all up and coming MMA fighters in the South Florida region and this card is sure to showcase future world champions.  The event features 12 fights with a main event rematch that the fans demanded.

Headlining the card are bantamweights Caleb Archer (5-1) and Aaron Cerda (2-2) who will fight each other for the second time this year.  Archer won a unanimous decision in February at Fight Time 3 – It’s War!, and will be looking to do the same on June 17.  Cerda comes into the rematch trying to prove he should have gotten the nod in the first go around.  Both Archer and Cerda will leave everything in the cage as they try to make a decisive statement and end this fight before it goes to the judges’ scorecards.  This evenly matched main event is sure to be a barnburner!   

In other action, Bruce Bellochi (2-0) fights Matthew Sposato (3-0) in a heavyweight contest.  The steel hinges and pipes will need to be reinforced for this matchup as there will be close to 600 lb of energy and aggression coexisting in the cage from the start of the bell to the end of the match.  Don’t blink for this fight as neither undefeated fighter has ever gone to the second round.

Also competing on the card will be rising prospects Mike Bruno (8-4) from American Top Team, Vagner Rocha (5-1) from Team Popovitch, Sam “The Rebel” Jones (3-0) representing the Tallahassee Combat Center , and Marcio Armeli (3-0) from Punch Fitness MMA. 

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring South Florida’s finest MMA athletes competing in front of a packed house.   Watch all of the fights LIVE on June 17 as Fight Time Promotions presents Fight Time 5 – Total Destruction on pay-per-view only at!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Universal Cage Combat - Revolution Event Preview

Poster coming soon! 

Universal Cage Combat is back with Revolution May 28 at the Hollywood Ballroom in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  The 13-bout card features a mixture of professional and amateur MMA highlighted by a Special Attraction Main Event.

Headlining the night will be a women’s match in the 135 lb division with Olympic Silver Medalist Sara McMann (2-0) taking on battle-tested Californian Christina Marks (2-3).  McMann is the most decorated American women’s wrestler winning a Silver Medal at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece while competing in the Women’s Freestyle 63 kg or 138.75 lb weight class.  McMann also won Silver in the 2003 World Championships and Bronze in the 2005 and 2007 World Championships and is a contracted fighter with Strikeforce.  

In the co-main event, TJ “The Bull” Ball (2-2) battles Marcus Reynolds (6-7).  Ball is a powerhouse in the middleweight division and will look to use his strength against the veteran Reynolds who is looking to snap a short losing streak.  Reynolds will be going for broke in this fight so “The Bull” better have his horns sharpened.

In other action, Darryl Madison (1-2) fights Tony Parker (7-5). For Madison this is a great opportunity to even his record with a victory over the dangerous Parker.  Six of Parker’s seven victories have come via submission so this matchup looks to be explosive no matter what happens in the cage.

Don’t miss this 13-bout card featuring both professional and amateur fighters including Olympian Sara McMann!  Watch the future world champions of MMA compete today on this stacked card as Ultimate Cage Combat presents Revolution on May 28, streaming live on pay-per-view exclusively at!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rumble in the Cage - RITC 43 Event Preview

Poster coming soon!

Western Canada’s premier cage fighting event returns as Rumble in the Cage presents RITC 43 at the Taber Ice Arena in Taber, Alberta, Canada on June 4th.

The jam-packed card features a bevy of top fighters from around Canada.  Headlining the event is a lightweight battle between Jordan Knippelberg (5-1) and Spencer Rohovie (9-6).  Knippelberg is riding a 4-fight winning streak and looks to make it 5 in a row as he fights the veteran Rohovie who has more than twice the cage experience.  The crafty Rohovie needs a win after dropping his most recent bout and with all 15 of his fights never making it out of the first round, don’t blink as Rohovie look’s to use his reckless and wild fighting style to defeat Knippelberg any way he can.

In other lightweight action, CJ Bagg (3-1) takes on Peter Neufeld (3-3).  Both men are still new to the sport and looking to use the other as a stepping stone in this match.  Bagg and Neufeld are coming into this fight both sporting winning streaks and look to continue that momentum at the other’s expense.

Also slated for action are Brandt Dewsberry (4-1-1), Jared “J-Rod” Kilkenny (8-7), Brendan “Hacksaw” Blacquier (1-0), Sean “Mercenary” Merkl (1-3), Mike Neufeld (3-2) and Ian Odland (0-1).

Don’t miss this event as Rumble in the Cage, Western Canada’s most prolific MMA organization, presents RITC 43 on June 4, exclusively on  Order it NOW!


Poster coming soon! 

American MMA Fight League presents MMA FIGHT NIGHT, on June 4 at the Newtown Athletic Club in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  AMMAFL’s event is loaded to the max with an 11-bout card featuring a mixture of rising prospects and polished veterans.  

Strikeforce and M-1 Global veteran Kevin “K-Rod” Roddy (11-13-1) battles Aguileno Brandao (9-6) in one of the top attractions of the night.  Roddy looks to return to his winning ways, but in order to do that he will have to defeat the grappling wizard Brandao who has submission victories in 8 of his 9 wins.  Roddy and Brandao have contrasting styles making for a very combustible fight.

In other action, Fight Factory alum, Steve McCabe (4-10) battles Doug “The Killer” Miller (1-2).  McCabe fights out of the same gym as Bellator Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez, and looks to bring the same explosiveness to “The Killer”.  Miller trains out of the AMA Fight Club which is also home to a pair of other Millers, Jim and Dan of the UFC. 

East Coast MMA is in the house!  Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on June 4 as the American MMA Fight League presents MMA FIGHT NIGHT exclusively at

Sunday, May 15, 2011

XFN - Chattanooga Extreme Fight Night VII Event Preview

Poster coming soon!

XFN returns with Chattanooga Extreme Fight Night VII on May 21, 2011. The event is scheduled for 13 total fights featuring some of the Southeast’s top prospects.  The Camp Jordan arena hosts this loaded event. As a special treat to combat sports fans this event will be offered FREE starting May 25 only through the GFL Combat Sports Network. 

Bouts in MMA and Muay Thai will fill the card as fans will witness two distinct fighting styles all in one night of action.  Several of the preeminent athletes from around the top gyms in the Southeast will compete at this unique event.  

Don't miss this 13-bout card as XFN presents Chattanooga Extreme Fight Night VII featuring the stars of tomorrow fighting today. Watch all of these fights FREE starting May 25 on video on demand (VOD) only at! 

Tuff-N-Uff - Mir VS Barden Event Preview

Poster coming soon!

Tuff-N-Uff changes venue for this event will host the May event at the Cox Pavillion on the UNLV Campus.

Tuff-N-Uff is back as it presents Mir VS Barden on May 27, 2011 at the Cox Pavilion on the UNLV Campus. The change of venue to the more spacious Cox Pavilion was needed because this event is sure to sell out. Tuff-N-Uff is growing in new directions and at the forefront of this unique venture is Mir VS Barden.

In the main event, Larry Mir (2-3) (cousin of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir) fighting out of Vadnais and Xtreme Couture battles Chris Barden (1-0) of Wand Fight Team in a featherweight clash. Mir who previously competed at lightweight will be dropping down in weight and looking to have a strength and size advantage and impose his will inside of the cage. The smaller Barden will look to stay undefeated by using his speed to open up angles and land devastating strikes, just like he did in his last fight stopping Mir's teammate, Justin Vadnais, in Round 1 by KO. Both fighters come out of two of the top camps in Las Vegas and look to give their gym bragging rights for the night.

In other action, Champion Edmond Xhelili (5-1) defends his 185 lb title against veteran Ben Sergent (7-1) in what will be a high-octane clash of styles. Sergent is an experienced veteran who will not succumb to the moment. Xhelili will have to stay disciplined inside the cage and execute a smart game plan if he is to remain the champion at night's end.

Don't miss this 13-bout card featuring the stars of tomorrow fighting today and representing themselves and some of the top gyms around including Xtreme Couture, Wand Fight Team, Team Tompkins, TapouT Training, 10th Planet, LA Boxing and more as Tuff-N-Uff hosts Mir VS Barden. Watch all of these fights on May 27 LIVE on pay-per-view only at!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leaving the Suit for the Cage

“For me, it’s been a tough road trying to find fights.”

Jamal “The Suit” Patterson has been in the unenviable position of having to fight an uphill battle against perception throughout most of his MMA career.  Patterson it would seem would be the ideal candidate for dozens of MMA promotions to use as their poster boy.  As a former collegiate football player and Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie, the talented light heavyweight out of the NYC area should be a promoter’s dream. In a career that has spanned less than 10 fights what is it about Patterson that sends opponents running for the hills and coming down with “training injuries” right before fight time?  Fighters such as UFC champions Cain Velasquez and Jon Jones have had to battle through disappearing opponents while fighting on the regional circuits so at least Patterson is in good company.  Could it be that Patterson’s opponents know something he doesn’t?  

CFFC found somebody to fight Patterson at CFFC 8 Seek N’ Destroy on May 20, in Russian rising star, Adlan Amagov (7-1-1) who is making his North American debut.  Amagov is a top-level striker with 6 of his 7 wins coming by KO or TKO.   But that doesn’t worry Patterson.  “Adlan’s a good striker, but I believe I’ve got good standup myself, so we will see.  I don’t really worry about that.  I feel that a person like Adlan that throws a lot of kicks is easier to take down.”

Sporting a modest record of 5-3 does not tell the tale.  A closer look reveals that all of Patterson’s wins have come via first round submission with the longest fight ending before the 3:00 minute mark and three of the victories finishing in under a minute.  It’s stats like these which have made it difficult for the New Jersey fighter to stay active.  “You look at my career I’ve usually fought against people with more experience than me.  For some reason, promoters and boxing commission guys treat me like I’m 40-3.  I get fights turned down [by commission] or people just don’t want to fight me.  But the reality is I only have 8 fights.”

“It’s been hard to get a fight for the last couple years.  I was supposed to fight a few weeks ago, but the promoter couldn’t find an opponent for me when my guy fell through.  A couple years ago, I was working full-time as a medical rep, so timing was pretty important.  Fighting had to fit into my work schedule.  But in the last year, I stepped away from that to open up a gym and also to focus on my fighting.  But it still ended up being a tough year.  I didn’t get as many fights as I wanted to.  I fought once with Bellator and felt I got robbed in that fight.  And then after that it was really hard for me to find fights.  I think I’m the kind of opponent who is a matchup problem for a lot of people so people won’t fight me,” said Patterson. 
Patterson has decided to leave the suit in the closet for the time being and has dedicated himself full-time to MMA.  He has applied his years of corporate knowledge and business savvy in to opening and launching his own gym as well as continuing to compete in the cage.  “I opened my own facility called Allstar Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Kenilworth, New Jersey.    That’s going to be my main focus full-time once we get that thing up and running.  Right now I’m teaching out of Apex Wrestling School.  It’s one of the top wrestling schools in the country run by Damion Logan.  I’m there now and what we’re looking to do is to add on to their facility and we’re going to build out a Jiu-Jitsu room for ourselves.  They will be separate entities, separate businesses, but I’m going to have Allstar Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA and then in the same building is going to be Apex Wrestling.”

Patterson continued, “I went to Colgate, I’m a business guy through and through and want to take what I’ve learned in my years in the business world and apply it to my gym.  I want to work with everyone from the guy that sits on his couch and is a fan of the sport, to little kids who want to learn about it, to people who are serious about the sport and looking to compete in it.  But my main focus will be on developing people and influencing their lives in a positive way.  I’ll train with Renzo until the day that I die.  That’s still my team, but now I’m trying to pass along the lessons that Renzo taught me and try to have an impact on other people the same way he had an impact on my life.”  

Along with his grappling, Patterson also has a comparable standup game.  “I work on my boxing at Global Boxing.  I followed one of my good buddies over there, Pawel Wolak.  I train with one of the top up and coming boxing trainers, Aroz “Terrific” Gist.  He works with Mikey Perez, Ossie Duran, Mariusz Wach and others which is good for me because I have a lot of talented guys to train with.”  Sparring with professional boxers has only made Patterson’s ability to land fights that much more difficult.  Not only is he one of the pillars at the Renzo Gracie Academy, but he has added to his mystique by working with some of the top pugilists in the Tri-State area.

Like Herschel Walker of Strikeforce and Matt Mitrione in the UFC, Patterson, has had a career in athletics that spanned both football and MMA. The way Patterson sees it, both sports offer a common thread but not necessarily in the techniques that are applied on the gridiron or in the cage.  “The big thing is discipline, and realizing some of the ups and downs of going through learning curves.  Because in training or practice, you’ll go through times when you feel that you are the best and times when you feel you are not.  And if you’ve never played sports before, I think mentally you will have a harder time dealing with those emotions and that leads a lot of people to quit.  But when you play sports and have a background in athletics you are familiar with the ups and downs and know that everything is a process and it takes a while to be good at something.  You always want to continue to learn more and more each time you are on the mat or in the ring.”

Patterson is always learning something new and combat sports fans can get even more access to Patterson as the GFL Combat Sports Network streams many of his sparring and training sessions in the squared circle at  “GoFightLive is great for the fans to watch not only our fights but our training.  I know they tape our boxing sessions at Global Boxing.  So the fans can watch us fight live and also watch the training that prepared us for the fight.  Most people never get that opportunity to see the hard work, discipline and effort the fighters give in the months, weeks and days leading up to their fight.  But now you can watch me train and see it payoff during the fight.” 

As someone who has had success in the real world and corporate America, Patterson brings a certain credibility and point of view when talking about the sport that very few can match.  One of the more cerebral athletes in MMA, there are a few things Patterson would like to see changed about the current landscape.
“One of the flaws I see in our sport is the judging.  Judges need to learn the sport a little bit better.  I don’t think they understand everything that happens in there.  Just because I was backing up in the fight with Tim Carpenter on Bellator, that’s not enough to say that I lost.  I got hit one time and I took him down five times.  For the first time in my life, I tried to slow a fight down.  I never ever slowed a fight down in my life but for the first time I had time to train the right way.  I was able to get all of my workouts in and wanted to go three rounds.  I wanted to get some more experience in the ring, because I still don’t have that much experience.  I thought I was dominating the fight but I ended up losing the fight by split decision.”  

Another subject Patterson takes issue with is how some promoters do business.  “One thing that’s a little disappointing in the world of MMA right now is how certain promoters treat the fighters.  In the past I felt I wasn’t treated the way I should have been.  It happens more than it should, where you’re training for a fight and then your opponent gets switched on you at the last moment.  And you have to remember, these guys aren’t paying you a lot of money to begin with, but they want you to go sell tickets and then last minute they try to give you a tougher opponent, who you haven’t been training for, to try and make their card a little stronger.  I think some of these promoters want the fighter to back out of the fight so they don’t have to honor their commitment to them.  That type of shady business is what happens a lot in boxing and I don’t want to see that in our sport.”

Nobody knows what the future holds, but for Patterson he has sacrificed a lot to focus on his art and on May 20, you will see the best Jamal Patterson there is.  “CFFC gave me an opportunity and I’m going to fight there on the 20th.  I want to fight a couple more times and then I would like to fight in the big show with the UFC.  If I could fight every month for the next three or four months, I would do it.  But I’m focused on the 20th.  I’m not looking past my opponent, but once the 20th is over I’d like to get right back in the ring.  I want to get a few more fights under my belt and then start fighting bigger names again.  I love to fight.  I’m 37 so I don’t have many more years left, but I love the sport.  My body hasn’t slowed down at all.”  

Great news to MMA fans but terrible news to Patterson’s future opponents.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Absolute Action MMA - AAMMA 13 Event Review

Poster coming soon!

Absolute Action delivered another night of explosive fights with AAMMA 13 that MMA fans in the Kentucky-area have grown accustomed to. The 17-fight mega-card featured 13 fights ending via KO or submission. The event showcased a series of high-octane amateur and professional bouts with two title fights up for grabs. In one championship bout, Jessamyn "The Gun" Duke (3-1) defeated Crystal Bentley (0-1) to retain the AAMMA Women's 145 lb Championship by rear naked choke in Round 2. Both women showed they were hungry for the belt but "The Gun" had too much firepower and overwhelmed Bentley who had a great showing in her debut fight.

In the second title fight for the AAMMA Men's 145 lb Championship, James Ballinger (11-8) beat Jeremy Philpot (20-21) via armbar in Round 1 to retain his title and win the rubber match in his trilogy of fights with the experienced Philpot. Ballinger got the tapout win less than a minute into the fight and vacated the title just as quickly announcing his intentions to turn professional.

In the fight of the night, Shaun "Sugar" Asher (6-2) was victorious against Jerry "Shane" McClain (6-3) winning by tapout due to strikes in Round 3. In a fight that was originally slated to be for the AAMMA 185 lb Championship, Asher still went full speed ahead and used his wrestling and ground skills to control the fight as he executed several hard slams on McClain eventually wearing him out and getting the win via tapout to strikes on the ground.

You won't find more BANG for your buck than this event. Be sure to catch all of the fireworks on this stacked card as Absolute Action presents Absolute Action MMA 13 exclusively at and only on video on demand.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fight Force International - Blood & Sand IX Event Review

MMA : Blood and Sand IX

Fight Force International presented Blood and Sand IX to a packed crowd at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.  The 18-fight extravaganza showcased the top MMA athletes from around the Gulf Coast.  In the main event, Walt Harris (2-1) defeated Wesley Little (3-6) via KO in Round 1.  


Harris, who looks chiseled out of granite, was very strong in the clinch landing a series of knees to Little’s body.  Harris then followed that up with a 5-punch combination and ended the fight by a devastating left high kick to the head that knocked Little out.  Little stayed on the ground for several minutes but was able to rise to his feet to the cheers of the hometown crowd.  Remember the name of Walt Harris who at 6’4”, 231 lb, is the type of prospect with unlimited potential that will be fighting to a national audience sooner than later.

In the co-main event, Drew Wallace improved to (5-1) as he defeated the crafty Corey Holder (6-12) by unanimous decision.  Wallace was too strong on the ground and had Holder in several vulnerable positions but was cautious of Holder’s submission game and was content to play it safe and grind out the decision.  
Fight Force International, the Gulf Coast’s premier cage fighting event, delivered another night of exciting fights with over 3+ hours of exciting action with Blood and Sand IX.  The only way to watch this loaded card and see the Dirty South’s rising stars is to order it on video on demand only at!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thicker Than Water; Blood & Sand IX is a Family Affair

MMA : Blood and Sand IX

“To us, every fight is the main event.”

Ricky Derouen, Founder and President of Fight Force International, has a lifetime of experience competing and working in the combat sports industry.  On May 7, Derouen presents Blood & Sand IX at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.   But how did a former boxer transition to MMA and become the number one promotion in the Gulf Coast?  The short answer to that is it took an Act of God.

“I’m from Biloxi, Mississippi I grew up boxing.  Me and my two brothers, Rodney and Rusty, all grew up boxing having hundreds of fights, winning Golden Gloves, all of that.  My younger brother, Rusty, turned pro and went 33 [wins] and 9 [losses] and through being in boxing for years and years we made some great contacts inside the industry.  Once we got away from competing in the ring we still wanted to be involved with the sport so we started promoting boxing events in 2001.  We did that from 2001 to 2005.  We did a series called Slugfest which is similar to Toughman.  We were successful with that, making money and having a great time and then Katrina hit.”

Although the New Orleans area got most of the media coverage for the amount of devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, the natural disaster destroyed huge parts of Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states coastlines.  238 Mississippians lost their lives during the ordeal and billions of dollars of damage was done.  In fact, Mississippi was the hardest hit by Katrina and suffered the most damage with all 82 counties declared disaster areas.  

For Derouen, Katrina shattered his boxing series.  “It devastated the whole coast and destroyed a lot of things including places we held fights at.  Everything came to a standstill and shut down for a minute. We had already promoted about 30 events at that time, they were all boxing though.  I’m a big fan of boxing, a big fan of MMA, a big fan of any combative sport out there.  So I closed my door for about two months and thought what to do.  Well nobody in this area was promoting MMA, so I talked with my brothers and we all put our collateral into a pile, spent about 40,000 dollars to get it all started and in April of 2007 we put on our first MMA event and paid all of our debts off on the first show.”

The boxer turned boxing promoter turned MMA promoter caught lightning in a barrel with his mixed martial arts shows.  “People love it down here, they were asking for more.  It was actually the best move I could have made.  We’ve done arenas where we bring in three or four thousand people and we’ve done smaller shows at casinos where 1200 is the maximum and sold those out as well.    We even did a pay-per-view in 2009 with Gilbert Yvel and Pedro Rizzo [Ultimate Chaos].  We’ve entertained over 50,000 people at our shows and provided a place for athletes from the South to fight.  The shows have all been successful and we’re coming up on promoting our 25th event.  We love what we are doing,” said Derouen.

Blood & Sand IX, on May 7, is a loaded card with 17 fights scheduled and also available via live stream on the GFL Combat Sports Network at  For Derouen and his team, they make a habit of giving fans honest, even matchups inside of the cage.  “Our main focus on every show we do is the matchups.  I’m not worried about the names.  We want 17 good matchups.  When you put in the time in matchmaking it creates a great 3-hour show.  We’re not going to focus on booking one fight and throw a bunch of other fights together for the undercard.  To the fighters on the card their fight is the main event to them so we want to treat it the same way.  I don’t want a guy that’s a level 10 fighting against a level 2.  That doesn’t prove anything.  I want two guys at level 2 or two guys at level 10.  If you do that than it is going to be a good fight.  So our focus is in trying to put together the best fighters and matchups in the Southeast and it has been really successful for us.” 

What Fight Force International has been able to accomplish in four years speaks volumes to the way Derouen and his group do business.  Their promotion has connected the MMA communities of the Gulf Coast and neighboring states.  “Blood & Sand is the premier show in the Southeast.  Every fighter in this area is looking to get on one of our events.  It’s a growing scene out here and only going to get more popular.”

One reason Fight Force International has been so successful is they give the consumer an incredible bang for their buck.  Something many other promoters are unwilling or unable to do.  “One knock I have on some other shows is that I go to a show and they will have eight fights total.  They’ll have two fights and have a 30-minute intermission and then another two fights and have another 30-minute intermission and so on.  It turns into a 3-hour show when in reality it’s only a 90-minute show.  We don’t take an intermission.  We start at 7pm and we keep it going, we keep it going, we keep it going.  There’s no stop in action on a 3-hour show.  That lets us put more fighters on the show which is what we want.  The more fights for me the better,” replied Derouen.   

For Fight Force International this will be their second time working with the GFL Combat Sports Network (GoFightLive) and to hear it from Derouen, he is thrilled to be able to use this unique platform and offer an extra viewing choice once again to MMA fans. “I love to provide the Internet pay-per-view service, with GoFightLive, to people and give them that option to see our fights.  We partnered with GoFightLive for our last event and I got quite a few people who sent me emails from around the country and world and they were very happy to be able to watch the fights online.  We got an email as far away as India.  I think it was a serviceman in the military that was stationed over there and one of his buddies was fighting on our card and he was able to watch his friend fight live.  And some people for whatever reason just can’t make it to the fights.  This service gives them the chance to still watch it with just a computer and the Internet.  It’s great.”

As for what the future holds for Derouen and Fight Force International, he is content with where his group is and has no desire to become the next UFC or Strikeforce.  But he is very proud of the strides his promotion has made in the South.  “My goal is to entertain the fans in the Gulf Coast.  As a promoter, to hear the roar of the crowd -- it’s priceless.   When I started this I felt like I was walking in a dark tunnel, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I like where this journey has led me, I like where we are and I want to keep walking that path.  It’s nice to be able to do something with other positive people.  I’m surrounded by my brothers every day because of what we do.  I stay connected to my family because we are together all the time working on this.  To be able to walk through that door, step for step, with my brothers is what I love about all of this.  And as long as my brothers and my family are proud of me, that’s all that really matters.”

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ECWA Super 8 Event Review

Wrestling : ECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8 

ECWA is back with the 15th annual Super 8 featuring some of the top independent wrestlers in North America.  This prestigious tournament has been a launching pad for many of today’s superstars and household names including past Super 8 Winners Jerry Lynn, Davey Richards, Christopher Daniels and finalists AJ Styles and Bryan Danielson to name a few.  Who would break out of the pack at this year’s event?
ECWA is back with the 15th annual Super 8 featuring some of the top independent wrestlers in North America.  This prestigious tournament has been a launching pad for many of today’s superstars and household names including past Super 8 Winners Jerry Lynn, Davey Richards, Christopher Daniels and finalists AJ Styles and Bryan Danielson to name a few.  Who would break out of the pack at this year’s event?

The 8 wrestlers chosen to compete were Sami Callihan, Adam Cole, “Beautiful” Bobby Shields, Austin Aries, Tommaso Ciampa, Rich Swann, Shiima Xion and Shockwave the Robot.  All 8 entrants lived up to the storied history of the Super 8 and showcased their individual style while displaying solid in-ring work including wild high flying, strong mat wrestling, and the more realistic-style grappling that has continued to thrive on the indy scene.

The tournament had a solid opening round with the bruising Sami Callihan displaying his physical style landing head-butts, stiff kicks, hard chops and decapitating clotheslines to Adam Cole.   But Cole was able to absorb the punishment and turn the tide winning by a flip piledriver and advancing to the second round.
In other first round action, favorite Austin Aries defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Shields with a bone-crunching brain buster.  The underdog Shields didn’t wrestle like it, giving Aries all he could handle in a tough back and forth match between the #1 and #8 seeded wrestlers.

Tommaso Ciampa executed a perfect “Project Ciampa” to beat Rich Swann for the 1-2-3.  Ciampa used his size and strength to his advantage overpowering the smaller Swann in almost every tie up.

In the final quarter final match of the evening, Shiima Xion defeated Shockwave the Robot when Xion landed a 450 Splash.  The match had the most aerial assaults of all the matches in the opening round as both wrestlers pulled out all the stops for the enthusiastic crowd.  Even in defeat, Shockwave proved he was deserving of his slot in the Super 8.

Advancing to the second round were Adam Cole, Austin Aries, Tommaso Ciampa and Shiima Xion.  Who would be left standing and win the trophy at the 15th annual Super 8?  WWE Legend and Original Diva Sunny was on hand to witness history.  The only way for you to watch this momentous FIVE STAR event and find out what happened in the semifinals and barn-burning final matchup of this classic wrestling tournament is to order Super 8, presented by ECWA on video on demand exclusively at

Monday, May 2, 2011

3FC VII Warriors Return Event Review

Poster coming soon!

3FC Fighting Championship delivered on its promise for an exciting show as it presented 3FC VII Warriors Return - The Grand Prix Semi Finals Tournament featuring some of the rising stars in the South.

In the main event, Tyler Wilson (10-1) defeated Jesse Grissom (11-1) via KO in Round 1 to win one side of the 155 lb semifinal tournament and also capture the ISKA Tennessee State Lightweight Championship.  Wilson showed with the win an ability to finish fights quickly with his pinpoint accuracy.  His striking has always been his strong suit and he proved it against Grissom in their title fight.  

In the other semi for the 155 lb championship, Scott Holtzman (3-0) remained undefeated as he submitted Itai Tirado (1-1) via arm triangle in Round 2.  Holtzman almost ended the fight with a rear naked choke twice in the Round 1, but the tough Tirado fought him off both times but eventually succumbed to the arm triangle later in the fight.  This sets up a match of unbeatens as Tyler Wilson will face Scott Holtzman in the lightweight finals.

In the semi finals in the 145 lb division, Billy Mullins (6-2) defeated James Foy (4-1) via decision.  Mullins avenged an earlier loss to Foy in his career and moved on to the finals.  In the finals he will face Chris Hall (2-1) who defeated Alex Anderson (1-2) via decision in the other 145 lb tournament matchup.  The finals matchup for the featherweight title will match two tough opponents who have the cardio and stamina to fight all night.
In other action D’Angelo Bynum (5-0) defeated Cody Chesser (9-4) via decision to win the 3FC 125 lb Championship.  Bynum remains unbeaten and showed why he is the rising star of the Southeast in the 125 lb division.

Here’s your chance to watch this thrilling 13-bout card featuring some of the rising stars in the Southeast.  Order the 3FC VII Warriors Return - The Grand Prix Semi Finals Tournament presented by 3FC Fighting Championship on video on demand only at!

Trilogy Championship Fighting - Rumble at the Ranch Event Review


Edwin “Babyface” Dewees (36-12) made his return to Arizona in style as he defeated “Pick Em Up” Chuck Huus (6-3) via guillotine choke in the opening seconds of Round 1 of the main event for Trilogy Championship Fighting’s premier event Rumble at the Ranch.  Dewees clamped on the tight submission and then pulled Huus in close ending the fight before it even started.  For Dewees it was a win that saw him take no damage and add to his reputation as a quick and dangerous finisher.  For Huus the difference in cage experience proved to be too much to overcome as he did not get to showcase his crowd pleasing fighting style.  Dewees’ fight capped an electrifying night of fights for the upstart Arizona promotion.

In other action IFL and BodogFight vet, Ray Steinbeiss (13-7) reeled off another victory against Eric Regan (9-11) racking up a unanimous decision with a 30-27 sweep on all three scorecards.  Fan favorite lightweight Frankie Saenz (3-0) defeated Ruben Gonzales (0-4) via unanimous decision to stay undefeated.  The card was stacked with local talent and every fighter on the card gave all they had inside the cage to please the local fans.

Rumble at the Ranch presented by Trilogy Championship Fighting had several exciting fights with dramatic finishes playing to a raucous crowd at the Camelback Ranch-Glendale Stadium.  It showcased the return of UFC vet Edwin “Babyface” Dewees, back at his old stomping grounds in Arizona, who showed no signs of cage rust getting back to his winning ways in quick order.  The only way to watch this loaded card is to visit and order it on video on demand.

Spring Brawl 2011 Event Review


Spring Brawl 2011 provided another evening of exciting fights as the stacked card gave the audience spectacular submissions, dazzling knockouts and close decisions. 

In the main event Brazilian Francisco "Kiko" France (7-1) quickly submitted UFC veteran James “The Hammer” McSweeney (4-7) via Kimura in Round 1.  France landed the early takedown, isolated and controlled McSweeney’s left arm and twisted it behind his back for the tapout.  All 7 of France’s victories have come via submission.  Already a Strikeforce vet, “Kiko” looks like he is ready to take the next step and showcase his talent in the Octagon. 

In the co-main event Barb “Little Warrior” Honchak (4-1) won a majority decision against Nina “The Macedonian Mauler” Ansaroff (1-2).  Both women fought tooth and nail back and forth with each round being almost too close to call.  In fact for one judge it was, as one of the scorecards ended in a draw.  With the win, Honchak continues to raise her value and solidify herself as a top prospect in the 125 lb division.

In other action, welterweight Tat Romero (17-3) won in impressive fashion via KO against Chris Page (2-5) early in Round 1.  After some ground work by both men, Romero’s punching power forced Page to his stomach where Romero landed clean, hard punches to the head leaving Page unconscious as the referee stepped in.

Steve Steinbeiss improved his record to (6-4) beating veteran TJ Medrud (10-6) in a wild ending to the fight.  After landing a series of hard knees in the clinch, Steinbeiss unloaded a vicious right kick to the body of Medrud.  Medrud collapsed to the canvas where Steinbeiss followed up with a few punches as Medrud tapped out in Round 2.  Medrud stayed on the canvas for several minutes but the gritty mixed martial artist was able to walk out of the cage on his own accord.

Chris Tuchscherer and Crowbar MMA delivered another night of hard-hitting entertainment as Spring Brawl 2011 had several exciting fights playing to a packed house at the Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota.  The only way to watch this exciting card is to order it video on demand at  Order now!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Combat USA Fighting Championship - Illinois State Finals Event Preview

Poster coming soon! 

Combat USA Fighting Championship returns for the State Finals of Illinois on May 14 at Memorial Hall in Racine, Wisconsin. The card includes a quad-main event featuring the finale of the four-man tournaments to crown State Champions in multiple weight divisions. The combatants are some of the top MMA competitors from the Illinois MMA scene and bring an abundance of talent into the tournament.

Dave Sachs (5-2) fights Stanton Gavia (2-0) for the 145 lb championship while Jonatas Novaes (7-3) battles Billy Stamp (11-8-1) for the 155 lb title. In other championship action, undefeated Neil Magny (5-0) rumbles with Dustin Baker (1-2) in the 170 lb finals and Louis "Handgunz" Taylor (6-2) clashes with Joe Bunch (12-4) for the 185 lb belt.

Combat USA Fighting Championship follows a unique format in MMA and one that has given them the moniker of the "NCAA of MMA". Combat USA takes the top pros within each state in all weight classes and has them fight in a tournament to crown the State Champion. After a championship is determined the titleholders fight the State Champions in the neighboring state for the Regional Title. Finally, the Regional Champions square off to establish one National Champion in each division.

The winners of the night's title fights will meet the State Champions of Wisconsin (Wisconsin event is available on video on demand RIGHT NOW) in July to determine National Champions in FOUR weight divisions. Don't miss who will represent Illinois as Combat USA Fighting Championship returns with the State Finals of Illinois on May 14 LIVE only on!

Fight Force International - Blood & Sand Event Preview

MMA : Blood and Sand IX
The Gulf Coast’s premier cage fighting event is back as Fight Force International presents Blood and Sand IX on May 7 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in beautiful Biloxi, Mississippi. 

The 18-fight mega-event is headlined by some of the region’s top prospects.  In the main event, Strikeforce vet and Mississippi-bred fighter, Wesley Little (3-5) battles Alabama’s Walt Harris (1-1) a chiseled juggernaut of a man, in a heavyweight throwdown.  Little is looking to return to the national scene while Harris hopes to leapfrog the veteran Little and show why he is the top, young, heavyweight talent in the South.

In the co-main event, Drew Wallace (4-1) combats Corey Holder (6-11) in another barnburner. Wallace is known for grinding out decisions while Holder has only had 2 of his 17 contests go the distance.  Holder will be looking to execute his high risk/high reward fighting style on the more conservative Wallace.

In other action Harris “The Sandman” Stephenson (1-0) challenges Brandon Sheffield (0-1) in a fight where both men are just beginning their MMA careers.  With only one fight each, both Stephenson and Sheffield hope to impress the crowd with their performance on May 7 and create a grass roots name for themselves with the MMA community in Mississippi and the greater Gulf Coast area.

Don’t miss this 18-bout card featuring both professional and amateur fighters from around the Dirty South!  Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today on this stacked card as Fight Force International delivers Blood and Sand IX on May 7, streaming live on pay-per-view exclusively at!

Absolute Action MMA - AAMMA 13 Event Preview

Poster coming soon!

Absolute Action MMA returns with Absolute Action MMA XIII at the Midwest Sports Complex in Florence, KY on May 7. This is a super-sized card featuring 23 bouts scheduled for the night.  Fans will get to see both professional and amateur MMA from Kentucky’s leading MMA promotion. 

The event is headlined by 3 title fights in a tri-main event. Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke (2-1) battles Crystal Bentley (0-0) for the women’s 145 lb amateur title.  In the men’s 145 lb division, James Ballinger (10-8) tangles with Jeremy Philpot (20-20) for the belt while in the final tri-main event  Jerry "Shane" McClain (6-2) fights Shaun "Sugar" Asher (5-2) for the 185 lb championship. 

There are also several pro fights showcased on this packed card highlighted by The Ultimate Fighter cast member and undefeated fighter Tom Hayden (5-0) VS Harry Johnson (5-5).  Christopher Bennett (3-2) battles Anthony Jones (3-3) and Marcus Finch (2-2) challenges Jamey Scruggs (2-0) in other scheduled pro bouts. 

You won’t find more BANG for your buck than this card.  Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on May 7 as Absolute Action presents Absolute Action MMA XIII exclusively at