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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GALLI Luch Libre Heads Into “Culminacion Final” with a Main Event for the Ages

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GALLI Lucha Libre debuts its unique brand of professional wrestling on the GFL Combat Sports Network on March 10 with Culminacion Final and a main event that is sure to grab the headlines with fans of wrestling, boxing and sports entertainment.  GALLI Lucha Libre and GFL make history as this will be the first iPPV for a United States based Lucha Libre promotion and it all goes down at the Grand Plaza in Elgin, Illinois and live on

Chavo “Classic” Guerrero steps into the squared circle one more time to team with the most hated man in GALLI, Gigolo Americano, in a tag team match against former WBO and IBF World Boxing Champion Jorge “El Maromero” Paez and rising prospect, Rey Fuego.  Guerrero has won close to 20 wrestling titles throughout his storied career including the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and NWA World Lightweight Championship.  If you combine that with all of the boxing titles Paez has won, this main event will have more championship gold in its cache then Fort Knox.

This feud has been boiling for years, ever since Guerrero was on the wrong end of a Paez punch when the two had a run-in in the WWE in a match involving Rey Mysterio VS Chavo Guerrero Jr.  If there’s one thing wrestling fans know about Guerreros, it’s that they never back down from anyone and will do whatever is necessary to get even.  Paez would do well to look over his shoulder from now until March 10 when he steps in to the ring.  This time it will be under Chavo’s rules as the former circus performer, Paez, has never had a professional wrestling match.  Paez is a performer to be sure, but it will be a completely different animal when he locks up with Guerrero in the center of the ring for the first time.

It will be a contrasting of styles as Guerrero is one of the founding pieces of the most famous wrestling family in the world, a family that has produced the best wrestler on the planet and Classic’s brother including, the late Eddie Guerrero who was a former WWE World Champion and changed the wrestling business forever with his unique style, Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Chavo Classic’s son) who has won various titles in WCW, ECW and WWE and other Guerrero family members like patriarch Gory Guerrero, and Chavo Classic’s other brothers Mando and Hector.  Guerrero goes into the main event tag team match with a rich history behind him and it’s something that his counterpart, Jorge Paez will not have.

What Paez does have is Rey Fuego at his side.   Fuego has been on a tear lately and looks to offset Paez’s lack of wrestling experience by bringing his own high flying, lucha-style to the bout.  He will have to be at this best as standing across from him in the ring (along with Chavo Classic) will be the always dangerous and crafty Gigolo Americano. Gigolo has always been ahead of the curve when choosing alliances and this time he has sided with one of the all-time legendary grapplers, Chavo “Classic” Guerrero.  Will he help Classic “lie, cheat and steal” their way to victory, or will the blue chip prospect Rey Fuego be able to withstand the onslaught long enough for Paez to land the one punch he will need to bring a victory to his team? 

All these questions and more will be answered on this stacked GALLI Lucha Libre card which also includes Skayde VS Discovery for the NWA Mexico Welterweight Title.  The Lucha Chicago Championship will also be on the line as Ripper defends his title against Bandolero.  The Tag Team Titles will be at stake as Ovirload and Joshua Christian defend their straps against Jake Shining and Acid Jazz in what will be a lucha libre match for the ages.  With still more matches including a Trios Match, expect Culminacion Final on March 10, exclusively on to tear the house down. 

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