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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 14 IZW Preview

 IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil and his minions cannot be stopped.  Neil has hit his stride inside the ring and now that he is aligned with the Brandon Bishop faction, every wrestler in IZW is watching their backs.  Last week Double D and Jermaine Johnson faced the brunt of this new group as they were summarily destroyed by Jordan Jacobs, Damon Windsor, Nemesis and finally Neil at the end of the night.  What will Neil and his cohorts plan next? 

The 2012 Impact Player of the Year Tournament is also front and center this week as Double D faces Rage Logan with the winner wrestling Jordan Jacobs at “Coronation” on May 12 in a Ladder Match.

Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the squared circle.  Tune in to the Mid-South’s premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next.  Watch professional wrestling like it’s supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD!  Watch IZW!

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