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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 28 IZW Preview on

With less than three weeks until “Coronation” on May 12 what’s next for Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil’s reign at the top of IZW?  Since becoming the only 6-time champion in Impact Zone Wrestling history, Neil has turned his back on all of his fans, sided with a bottom-feeding wretch like Brandon Bishop and destroyed his legacy.  All eyes point to his main event tag team match alongside Bishop against the team of Jermaine Johnson and the returning Johnny Z at “Coronation” as a historic bout, but what will Neil do in the meantime to make sure the odds are stacked in his favor for that hotly anticipated bout.

Will Nemesis be looking for revenge against Double D and Johnson over last week’s defeat, and what about the Old School Suckas?  They have flown under the radar but are ready to defend their tag titles against anyone from the IZW roster.  What’s Jordan “Lights Out” Jacobs planning for Double D at “Coronation” when the two meet in a Ladder Match?  All these questions and more will be answered as the final countdown begins for May 12 when everything in IZW will change forever.

Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the squared circle.  Tune in to the Mid-South’s premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next.  Watch professional wrestling like it’s supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD!  Watch IZW!

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