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Sunday, May 27, 2012

IZW May 26 Broadcast

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IZW delivered another night of exciting pro wrestling for free on as the Southwest promotion’s blue chip, all-star roster was locked and loaded and gave the fans in the Impact Arena and watching worldwide via the Internet, a great two hours of action in the squared circle.

In the main event, to determine the #1 Contender for the IZW Heavyweight Championship and a future showdown with Champion “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil, Jermaine Johnson and Double D wrestled to a No Contest after Impact Inc. interfered in the match.  Before the melee, it was a back and forth battle between Double D’s speed and high flying maneuvers versus Johnson’s technical superiority.  At one point, Johnson even kicked out of D’s finisher the Defacer, and almost won after rolling up Double D after another high risk aerial assault by D.  But Double D still had more for Johnson as he executed a perfect hurricanrana moments later.  Johnson then stymied a springboard attempt by Double D and turned it into a power bomb but was too banged up to make the cover.  As both men writhed in pain and slowly recovered, Neil entered the ring and delivered a double clothesline almost taking the heads off of Johnson and Double D.  The referee called for the bell and declared the bout a no contest.  But Neil was not finished as he punched and kicked both men, issuing out more punishment.  As if that wasn’t enough, Damon Windsor, Kevin Morgan and Jordan Jacobs all came out to deliver even more beatings to Johnson and D.  The odds were stacked in Neil’s favor until Johnny Z came out to make the save, and after some fancy team work, Johnson, Double D and Johnny Z rid the ring of Neil and his posse.  But the question remains, who is the #1 Contender?

In other action, the newly formed tag team Big Business (Damon Windsor and Kevin Morgan) where too much for the team of Bryan Cruize and Cody Jones as they defeated the crowd favorites after a devastating finishing move.  Cruize and Jones were the quicker tag team and had their opponents on their heels a few times during the bout, but Big Business was able to offset Cruize and Jones’ speed for good when Jones missed a frog splash and Windsor and Morgan hoisted Jones up into the rafters and slammed him down in a double choke slam.  The move would have crushed an elephant as the pinfall by Windsor was academic at that point.

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