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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 5 IZW Preview on

The May 5 edition of IZW is the go-home show for IZW’s grandest iPPV to date “Coronation” scheduled for May 12.  Last week Brandon Bishop unveiled a new layer to his scheme as he re-introduced a revamped and in his opinion, a better version of Impact Inc.  The newest rendering consists of 6 members, along with Bishop, IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil, Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs, Damon Windsor, Starr Venus and Shawn McHale make up the new regime.  This move was made in large part to goad and challenge Johnny Z’s legacy.  Johnny Z is the founder of not only IZW but Impact Inc., a group he has been associated with in some form or fashion for close to a decade.  Now he is on the outside looking in at this new realignment of his dream team, and for a competitor like Johnny Z this has to make his blood boil.  Lucky for him, he and his tag team partner Jermaine Johnson will get the opportunity to get their hands on Bishop and Neil at “Coronation” as they are matched up in a highly anticipated tag team match that is sure to settle more than one score.  Will Impact Inc. try once more to test Johnny Z before the pay-per-view?  They have not let sleeping dogs lie yet, so it’s a good bet Johnny Z’s honor will once again be challenged on the final show before “Coronation”.  But at what cost to Impact Inc.?

Also, last week Jacobs ambushed Double D from the back injuring him once again.  This will be the final time both men are in the same building until the night of their Impact Player of Year Tournament Final, a Ladder Match which will determine the real megastar of IZW.  There can be only one victor and to him will go the spoils, so Double D better have eyes in the back of his head because the cheap shot artist Jordan Jacobs only knows one way to attack and that’s from behind. 

Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the squared circle.  Tune in to the Mid-South’s premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next.  Watch professional wrestling like it’s supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD!  Watch IZW!

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