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Monday, June 18, 2012

IZW TV June 23 Preview

Poster coming soon!

Everything is on the line.  

This Saturday at 8pm ET the war wages on as Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc. battles the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. with the most prized possession in IZW at stake.  The World Heavyweight Title.  It will be the reigning and defending champion, Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil of Bishop’s Impact Inc. taking on not one but two challengers in former IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson and former Impact Division Champion Double D, both of whom have sworn their allegiance with the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc.  

Not only is this bout for the only true Heavyweight Title in professional wrestling in the South and Southwest area, but now with Bishop’s Impact Inc. holding on to all of the titles (thanks to Big Business winning the Tag Titles last week and Jordan “Lights Out” Jacobs stranglehold on the Impact Division Title), this Triple Threat Match has even more at stake than just the 20 pounds of gold.  If either Johnson or Double D can score a pinfall, they will become the new IZW Heavyweight Champion and strike back against their malicious counterparts.  It might be the type of victory that could be the beginning of the end for Bishop and his cronies.  But if Neil walks away still the champion, by any means necessary, then the light at the end of the tunnel for the IZW faithful will become dimmer and dimmer.

With the Impact Chamber looming at “Evolution” on July 21, who will fire the first shot against the bow when the IZW Heavyweight Championship is at stake as Aaron Neil defends his title against Jermaine Johnson and Double D in what is sure to be a dogfight to the bitter end.

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