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Monday, July 2, 2012

IZW TV July 7 Preview

Poster coming soon!

“Evolution” is now less than three weeks away and things in IZW are only getting more critical.  Last week Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc., led by IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil won a 6-man tag match and once again gained momentum leading up to July 21.  

You can bet the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. is looking to strike back this week, but with Bishop’s Inc. holding all of the titles, Bishop’s group seems to have everything exactly as they want it leading up to the summer’s most talked about iPPV.  But no matter who holds the gold, there is sure to be serious consequences that take place at the Impact Arena leading up to the Impact Chamber Match at “Evolution” in which all ten men representing the feuding factions of Impact Inc. will put their bodies and livelihoods on the line…maybe for the last time.

We also recently found out that at “Evolution” it will be a Tiara on a Pole Match, with Venus, Erica and Angel Blue all vying for Venus’ Tiara that Blue stole a few weeks ago.  You can bet we haven’t heard the last of this bout as all three of these women can bring it inside of the ring and on the microphone.  Stay tuned.

Also, last week O’Malley attacked Bryan Cruize which set up a grudge match of epic proportions as they will square off in less than three weeks in a brass knuckles-ladder match.  Will Cruize be able to compete this week after the beatdown he received from the former 3-time IZW Heavyweight Champion?  If Cruize can walk, he will be in the Impact Arena.

Also, it has been signed, “Greatness” Rage Logan will compete against one-time friend and tag team partner, Damien Morte in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at “Evolution”.  Logan has been on the wrong end of a couple thrashings at the hands of Morte and something tells me he’ll be ready to get payback sooner than later.  Look for Logan and Morte’s feud to continue to heat up this week.

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