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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

IZW - "Redemption" Preview

Wrestling : Impact Zone Wrestling - Redemption

The time has come, “Redemption” is finally at hand and all IZW titles will be at stake!  The “Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil has been flawless since regaining the IZW World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year.  As the centerpiece of Impact Elite, all eyes will be on Neil as he defends his title in a TLC Match against the two most dangerous threats to his belt, former World Champion Jermaine Johnson and Impact Player of the Year Double D.  Johnson is the king of special rules matches as he has beaten Neil more than once when the stakes were the highest.  Will the former 2-time Heavyweight Champion be able to do it once again?  For Double D, this bout is the culmination of a life’s worth of work in the squared circle.  Recently his sidekick and confidant, Erica, double-crossed him and showed her true colors in siding with Neil and re-branding the evil faction, Impact Elite.  Will Double D be able to block out all of the drama in his personal and professional life and focus on the one prize that has eluded him in IZW?  Or will this be another crowning achievement for Neil?  Since switching sides and throwing away everything he ever stood for, Neil has become even more dangerous in the ring, a fact that even his most vocal critics cannot dispute.  Only one thing is for certain.  When these three men step into the Impact Arena on September 15 they will all lay it on the line and give the fans a one-of-a-kind main event that can only happen in IZW. 

The Impact Division Title will also be at stake as Champion Damien Morte battles “Greatness” Rage Logan in a Tables Match.  At one time, Morte and Logan where the closest of friends but all that changed.  Morte has shown that he will stop at nothing to defend his title.  There is nobody more psychotic and maniacal when it comes to using his own body as a weapon to inflict punishment on his opponent.  But for as crazy as Morte is, Logan is just as measured and methodical in his approach.  When the two former tag team champions finally clash with all the marbles on the line, there’s no telling what the outcome will be.  Throw in an unknown variable like tables and that only makes the betting line riskier.  Look for this match to be a show stealer.

Also on deck, a battle for the IZW Tag Team Championship in a Chairs Match.  The Champions Big Business (Kevin Morgan & Damon Windsor) take on The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize).  This feud has been boiling over for months and you can bet more than one person is going to end up a bloody mess and have severe brain damage when this contest is over.    Big Business will have the strength advantage which is significant especially when you are wielding a steel chair, but Price and Cruize have shown a resilience in the ring that is second to none.  But the OSS will need more than that to defeat the most physically imposing tag team in IZW history.  Winning the match is secondary; staying alive is first and foremost.

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