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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ring of Honor (ROH) - "Showdown in the Sun - Day 2" Review

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ROH delivered the second half of its back-to-back iPPV experience with “Showdown in the Sun” from the War Memorial Auditorium from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Day 1 set the bar high, but Day 2 is where ROH showed they have no peer when it comes to in ring action as ROH truly is wrestling for the 21st century, highlighted by a main event that will go down as one of the best matches in ROH history.    

In the main event, ROH World Champion Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin in a phenomenal match.  All the talk for Day 1 centered on the co-main event between Kevin Steen and El Generico in a Last Man Standing Match, but in Day 2, the Champion and Challenger had their working boots on as Richards and Elgin delivered a MATCH FOR THE AGES in their ROH World Title bout.  You won’t find a better match this year and you’ll be hard pressed to find one in any wrestling organization’s library over the past 10 years.  The main event alone was worth the price of admission.  Fans and historians alike will talk about this match for a long, long time.  Both Richards and Elgin laid into each other with stiff shots and showed “American Strong Style” is alive and well in ROH.  In the beginning, it was Richards’ speed and athleticism against Elgin’s power.  As Richards landed kicks, dives and punches, while Elgin was more methodical delivering suplexes and power bombs.  From there both men showed off their aerial moves as Elgin landed a corkscrew moonsault while Richards delivered a belly to back suplex from the top rope.  Both men then traded clotheslines, kicks, more suplexes and even submission attempts and yet there still was no pinfall.  Richards finally ends the match like he’s ended so many before by using Elgin’s head as a soccer ball and after several unforgiving stiff shots to Elgin’s cranium the powerful challenger was done.

In the co-main event, in the second Blind Destiny Match of the night, Roderick Strong defeated Jay Lethal to win the ROH World TV Title.  It was a tainted victory as Strong got help from Tommaso Ciampa who smashed Lethal’s face first into a ring post, incapacitating the former champ.  Lethal was winning the bout after a hard fought effort by both men when he went to the top rope and landed a flying elbow.  But Lethal tried to do too much and found himself outside of the ring where Ciampa slammed him into cold hard steel.  All that remained was a Strong pin and ROH had a new TV Champion.

Catch all of the action, including a World Title Match that is the Match of the Year frontrunner as ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Davey Richards defends his title against Michael Elgin.  Also, watch the ROH TV Title change hands as Roderick Strong defeats Jay Lethal to become the new champion.  The Tag Titles were also up for grabs with the Briscoes defending.  Watch the second half of the exclusive double iPPV presented by Ring of Honor as “Showdown in the Sun – Day 2” built upon Day 1 and even exceeded it for in ring action!  Don’t miss all of the battles and spectacle of the conclusion of this back to back iPPV extravaganza. Order now at, to watch the PPV everyone will be talking about.

Ring of Honor (ROH) - "Showdown in the Sun - Day 1" Review

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ROH delivered a unique back-to-back iPPV experience with “Showdown in the Sun” from the War Memorial Auditorium from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Day 1 featured a Triple Threat Match for the ROH Heavyweight Championship but it was the co-main event that had fans of ROH on the edge of their seats.  

In the main event, Davey Richards defeated Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong in a Triple Threat Match to retain the ROH World Championship after two stiff kicks to Roderick Strong followed by a pin.  Earlier in the bout, Strong pinned Edwards via a small package, in a match that had all three men kicking and punching the heck out of one another.  It was a unique Triple Threat as all three wrestlers stayed and fought in the middle of the ring for the majority of the match delivering suplexes, high flying moves and great submission attempts.  In the end, it was Richards’ night but his feeling of euphoria was short lived as Michael Elgin came out to confront the Champion and delivered a powerbomb on Richards and vowed to win the title in their match only 24 hours later.

In the co-main event, Kevin Steen defeated El Generico in a Last Man Standing Match that had fans on the edge of their seats the entire bout.  The grudge match between the two has been festering for several years now and this bout should finally put to rest the rivalry.  Chairs, tables and everything but the kitchen sink were used by the wrestlers to dismantle their opponent.  But it was the aid of Jimmy Jacobs for Steen that pushed the match in Steen’s favor.  Jacobs came down to the ring to what appeared to be help El Generico but the double-cross was in and instead he smashed El Generico with a steel spike he pulled from his jacket.  If that wasn’t enough Jacobs smashed a chair into Generico’s face destroying what little fight was left in the masked man.  Steen then followed up with a pin attempt for the 1-2-3.  

Catch all of the action, including a Triple Threat Title Match for the ROH World Championship and a Last Man Standing bout that threw caution to the win, also the return of former WWE, WCW and ECW Superstar Lance Storm to the squared circle as Ring of Honor presents, “Showdown in the Sun – Day 1”.  Don’t miss all of the action and drama to come out of this exciting event that will get you ready for Day 2. Order now, exclusively on the GFL Combat Sports Network at

Dead Serious MMA - "Dead Serious Three" Preview

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Hard hitting MMA action returns to the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey as Dead Serious MMA presents “Dead Serious Three” on April 7 live on the GFL Combat Sports Network.  Dead Serious MMA is planning to blow the roof off in Rahway by giving the fans a title bout in its main event.

In the main event, Chris Sladky (3-0) fights Mark Cugliari (2-1) for the Dead Serious Lightweight Title.  Sladky won the belt in December with a first round submission and looks to defend his championship for the first time with the same results.  Sladky has won two fights by rear naked choke, proving that he is an active grapple that once things hit the mat he goes for the win.  For Cugliari, who is coming off of a submission victory (guillotine) in his last bout, he is more than willing to play the grappling game with Sladky.  With two submission specialists, this title bout could turn into a slugfest as sometimes grapplers try to throw haymakers if they are facing another grappler.

In the co-main event, undefeated Shane Burgos (4-0) battles RJ Starace (3-4) in a featherweight showdown.  Burgos has shown that he has the cardio conditioning to win a fight on decision, and he also has a deadly submission game to go along with strong stamina.  Starace fought for the Dead Serious Featherweight Title in his last fight, suffering a tough loss in round three.  He will look back to get on his winning ways with a victory over the undefeated Burgos.  The winner of this bout will be at the front of the line for a future 145 lb title shot with Dead Serious, so there is a lot riding on this defacto #1 Contender match.

East Coast MMA is ready to deliver again!  Be sure to catch all of the action, LIVE on April 7 as the Dead Serious MMA presents “Dead Serious Three” exclusively at

Spartan Fighting Championship 13 - "The Arrival" Preview

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Kentucky’s leading cage fighting event is back as Spartan Fighting Championship travels across the border to presents “Spartan Fighting Championship 13 – The Arrival” on Friday, April 6 at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia. SFC always puts on action-packed cards and this event is no exception.  The exciting card is sure to have the crowd rocking at the Arena and the fans watching around the world on jumping out of their seats.   

In the main event, Cornelius Godfrey (4-0) fights BJ Ferguson Jr. (7-2) for the vacant Spartan Fighting Championship Bantamweight Title. Both fighters are highly respected athletes and well-rounded mixed martial artists.  Godfrey has never went to a decision, finishing all of his opponents inside of two rounds, usually with blistering punches but Ferguson Jr. is a different type of caliber of fighter than Godfrey has ever faced. Ferguson Jr. is a veteran of TUF 14 and Bellator, and relies on his grappling skills to get him through most fights, particularly the armbar which has proven to be quite a weapon for the Louisville, Kentucky fighter as he has finished four opponents with the move.  This is a first-rate main event and the victor will not only become a new champion, but can lay claim as the best 135 lb fighter in the Southern regional promotions. 

In a featured match, Brandon Demastes (0-1) battles Augusta “Ice Ice Baby” Tindall (0-1) in a welterweight battle.  Both fighters are looking for their first win in a relatively new career so this bout is very important for both gladiators.  It will bring the winner’s record to .500 and get him on the right track.  Demastes showed great submissions as an amateur and will probably look to put Tindall on his back and work an armbar or choke to finish the fight.  For Tindall, he likes to wear his opponents down and take them into later rounds where he can let his hands go with bad intentions.  This bout might be a classic matchup of grappler versus striker if the two fighters stay true to their past history.  

Don’t miss this thrilling mixed martial arts card with the top up and coming talent in region coming to scrap as Spartan Fighting Championship presents “Spartan Fighting Championship 13 – The Arrival”. Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today on April 6 streaming live on pay-per-view exclusively at!

Extreme Fighters World Championship - "The Untamed 2" Review

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Extreme Fighters World Championship returned with “The Untamed 2” from The Grove of Anaheim, California.  The debut event for EFWC on proved to be quite a card as there was plenty of action from top to bottom and the main event and the organization looks to make a splash in a big way with a stacked card and a hotly anticipated main event.   “The Untamed 2” will no doubt build on the growing momentum of high level events that EFWC presents.  

In the main event, Antonio McKee (28-4-2) defeated Chad Dietmeyer (8-2) by unanimous decision on 30-27 scores across the board in a lightweight contest.  McKee is a former UFC veteran, a former champion with MFC and an IFL standout.  It was a text book McKee win as he controlled the action in the cage and got Dietmeyer down to the mat with takedowns throughout the bout.  From there, McKee dominated the action as Dietmeyer could do nothing offensive once McKee put him on the ground.  To Dietmeyer’s credit he was aggressive in the standup and threw punches with bad intentions and when the fight hit the mat, he was never in real danger of being submitted or TKO’d but the points started to pile up quickly in McKee’s favor because of the wrestling advantage that he exploited in every round.

In the co-main event, Leondro Silva (15-4) defeated Jesse Juarez (15-6) via TKO after round one due to referee stoppage.  Round one was even as both Silva and Juarez picked their spots and unleashed some damage on their opponent.  After the first round, the referee called a halt to the fight as he saw something with Juarez that he was uncomfortable with and called a halt to the bout before the start of the second round.  The in arena audience never got an explanation on what exactly caused the referee to call a stoppage to the fight, but the announcers delivered the news to the customers at home watching via that it was an apparent eye injury that was the cause for concern.  A stoppage that Juarez himself did not agree with.    

Don’t miss this exciting card.  Extreme Fighters World Championship presents another fully loaded card with “The Untamed 2”.  Watch the hottest SoCal fighters compete in the cage.  Order this event now, exclusively through the GFL Combat Sport Network at 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 31 IZW Preview

The 2012 Impact Player of the Year Tournament kicked off last week with Double D defeating Damien Morte and Rage Logan defeating Jermaine Johnson.  Double D and Logan now wait for the rest of the tourney to shake out as 4 other contestants will have an opportunity tonight, they include: Randy Price, Jordan Jacobs, Kevin Morgan and a mystery opponent.  The tournament culminates at IZW’s next iPPV on May 12 at “Coronation” where the finals will be contested in a Ladder Match. 

Also scheduled this week is the appearance of new IZW Heavyweight Champion, Aaron “The Real Deal” Neil.  As the only 6-time champion, fans are asking themselves why Neil had to join the likes of Commissioner Bishop and his minions to defeat Jermaine Johnson at “March Mayhem”.  What does the future hold for Neil and the challengers to his title now that the Commissioner is in his pocket?  Hopefully these questions and more will be answered once Neil steps into the Impact Arena to address the fans.

Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the squared circle.  Tune in to the Mid-South’s premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next.  Watch professional wrestling like it’s supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD!  Watch IZW!

IZW: Changing the Wrestling Business

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They broadcast a weekly wrestling show and a monthly pay-per-view, have Fatal Four-Way Matches, TLC Matches, Ladder Matches and Cage Matches, sell a plethora of merchandise, including dozens of t-shirt designs and DVDs, but this isn’t the WWE or TNA.  This is Impact Zone Wrestling, known to its fanbase as IZW.  Based in Lawton, Oklahoma, IZW produces weekly Saturday night shows from the Impact Zone and through a series of shrewd business moves by IZW founder and owner, Johnny Z, IZW is starting to change the wrestling business.

IZW produces roughly 9 hours of new television content per month, 6 of that being free on a worldwide basis and one 3-hour pay-per-view broadcast via the GFL Combat Sports Network at   That’s more original programming than Ring of Honor (ROH) and equal to TNA Wrestling.  Only the billion-dollar WWE produces more total television shows than IZW in North America.  The shows can all be viewed at the consumer’s convenience as once they are broadcast live, they go into a huge media library in the GFL database and can be watched and re-watched on video on demand (VOD). The shows are also delivered on multiple devices including the Internet, iPad, iPhone, Droid products and the Roku box and all shot in HD giving the consumer even more power when it comes to viewing IZW content.  

For those unfamiliar with the federation, IZW has an old school feel to it that is reminiscent of the rough and tumble styles of the old NWA and Mid-South promotions.  And although IZW could be considered a throwback to those promotions, nowadays it looks more like a fresh, cutting edge, new style of wrestling compared to what fans are bombarded with on a weekly basis by the Big Two.  While the Big Two are busy recycling wrestlers and feuds back and forth and from years gone by, companies like IZW are creating, building and presenting new and innovative wrestlers and feuds for future generations.  All of the creativity, ingenuity and risk taking are not coming from  huge media conglomerates, it’s coming from a fast-thinking, groundbreaking, relatively small promotion in Southern Oklahoma.

IZW is more than your typical Independent.  It’s more than a stepping stone or feeder organization, it’s the place where stars are born and where they thrive and where they stay.  Along with an inventory of talented wrestlers from Oklahoma, wrestlers such as Dusty Rhodes, Vader, Al Snow and more recently Brent Albright have laced up their wrestling boots and went to work inside an IZW ring.  IZW is not a place that’s just a stopover for wrestlers looking to get experience, it’s a place where veterans and former world champions come to wrestle the same caliber of athlete that they faced during their title runs with companies such as WWE, WCW, NWA, All Japan and New Japan.  It’s a company that has a veteran locker-room and a rich history of memorable matches that fans in Oklahoma and the greater Mid-South hold in the same esteem as any other matches from any other promotions in the country.

At the helm of IZW is owner, founder and mastermind Johnny Z, a savvy business man who has had the foresight to build things the right way in Lawton.  Owner of several outside businesses, Johnny Z has assembled the right team both in and out of the ring that leaves his competition, in Oklahoma and really across the country on the Independent scene, in the dust.

IZW is a  new kind of Independent wrestling organization, if only an Independent in name only.   With a professional production team that presents everything in HD, a global broadcast distribution deal through, merchandising that rivals organizations like TNA or ROH,  a marketing arm and PR presence across various social media mediums, its own sports complex, the Impact Arena, where IZW runs its weekly shows, and most importantly, a locker-room of top notch wrestlers, IZW is the place to be for wrestlers that are looking to make their mark in the business.

Along with the two centerpieces of IZW, current IZW World Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Real Deal” Neil and former Champion Jermaine Johnson who are in the mists of an epic feud that has spanned over a year, IZW sports a loaded roster including Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs, Rage Logan, Double D, Damien Morte, Kevin Morgan, Randy Price, Gary Tool, Erica, Starr, Eric Rose and Cody Jones to name a few.  Each wrestler from top to bottom is proficient in the grappling arts, and are placed on television with a compelling matchup and rivalry and not just used as filler, which cannot be said for the two-hour shows presented by the “Big Two”.

The next superstars of the business will come from a place like IZW.  Look no further then who holds the World Championship belts in WWE, CM Punk on RAW and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown.  Both garnered a huge following around the Independent circle, most notably with ROH, and that backing finally made WWE take notice.  That trend is going to have to continue if professional wrestling in America is going to get back to where it was in the late 1990’s at the height of the “Monday Night Wars”.  The Big Two don’t develop talent as much anymore as they acquire it.  WWE and TNA are going to be forced to take notice of IZW and its stars and quite frankly try and raid the company for talent and ideas.  But unlike Independents before  them, IZW has all of the pieces in place right now to compete, at least on some level, with those corporate wrestling companies.  

IZW is a new type of wrestling promotion, something that couldn’t have existed even five years ago.  It has the wrestling-based in ring action of a highly decorated Independent, yet the production values and global reach of an international company.  And the best news for fans is IZW has made its content easily accessible to everyone.  If you’ve never watched IZW, go to and you’ll be instantly connected to hours and hours of free content as well as have the ability to purchase iPPVs.  If you’ve ever been a fan of pro wrestling, you owe it to yourself to check out IZW.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Interview with IZW Play-by-Play Man Big D.A.

“Like most people I grew up a big time wrestling fan.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  I remember the old days when cable companies had the pay-per-view channels that you could tune to and have a scrambled picture but you could pick up the sound.  Many times growing up I would just sit and listen to the shows.  I’d set my tape recorder up so I could record Jim Ross calling old WCW pay-per-views and go back and listen to them over and over.”

Dedication…that word best describes the play-by-play man of IZW, Big D.A.  Most wrestling fans get their weekly TV fix and that’s enough.  For others, they see the action in the squared circle and want to become professional wrestlers themselves.  Still others, see the drama unfold through another lens, like David Alford, (better known to IZW fans as Big D.A.) and want to emulate the man behind the microphone that brings the fans and the wrestlers together… the television announcer or play-by-play man.

While wrestlers like Jermaine Johnson were studying Ric Flair and Chris Jericho, Big D.A. was focusing on the men calling the matches.  “Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon.  The two voices I grew up with as a kid. Jim Ross is the best in the business.  He made every match feel so special.  You understood what he was saying and could understand how important things were.  When I found out that I would be doing live shows I sent him a message asking for advice.  I was amazed when he answered me and I will never forget what he told me.  It was just simple and to the point, but it all clicked.”

Like Ross and Monsoon before him, Big D.A. has his eyes set on commentating for millions of pro wrestling fans.  “My goals are pretty simple.  I want to do everything I can to make IZW the best it can be.  I’ve seen where things were when I started, production, the arena setup, etc., and to see where we are now in unbelievable.  And sometimes I step back and look at what I’ve been able to do and my mind is just blown.  How many people can say then went from sitting in the front row to calling matches on an iPPV or hosting a TV show?  It’s amazing.  And we are just getting started.  The ball is rolling.  The fanbase grows every single week.  Yes, I want to be sitting behind the table broadcasting to millions of people on national TV every week.  But I want to be doing it with my IZW headset on,” D.A. reiterated.

There are very few spots available in any given locker-room and even fewer for those who want to sit behind the announcers’ booth.  Like anything in life and especially pro wrestling, timing is everything.  You never know what the next day will bring and for Big D.A. his wrestling career was one of those things that just organically happened and gradually grew over time.  Big D.A. transformed from a fan in 2008 to one of the centerpieces of the organization in 2012.  “One day I’m driving down the road and I see this building that says Impact Arena here in Lawton.  I was there for the second show when IZW came back to Lawton, and that’s when things really started rolling.  My wife has a photography business and we became a sponsor at the end of 2008.  My first job in wrestling was right here in Lawton with IZW in January 2009, I started doing the ringside photography.  That gave me the chance to meet some of the superstars and start building a relationship with them.  When IZW started to evolve I ended up moving to the video camera guy.  Then one day, I was told they needed a backstage reporter and I jumped at the chance.  The rest as they say is history.  It’s been my home since the first day I walked in the door as a fan.  And I’ve been very thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given ever since.”

For fans of IZW, Big D.A. has called the action both inside and outside of the ring for some of the biggest matches and happenings in IZW history and Mid-South wrestling in general.  Asking him to pick his favorite bout is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child, but Big D.A. offered up some of the bigger events to take place during his tenure with Impact Zone Wrestling.  “There have been some memorable feuds in IZW, and beyond that some huge memorable moments.  The main event of our first iPPV, Team Johnny Z vs Team Impact Inc. stands out immediately.  Not only was it the main event for our first iPPV on, but the outcome was something  that nobody saw coming.  [Brent Albright turned on Team Johnny Z and joined Team Impact Inc.] Then there is Aaron Neil and Jermaine Johnson.  What a road those two have been down, and after “March Mayhem” it seems like we might just be getting started.  Looking back on things like Aaron Neil winning the Monsters Bash, and the TLC at “Violent Valentine”, those were two huge moments to be a part of.  And there are so many things that happened before that.  Blk-Out versus Impact Inc., Double D versus Johnny Z, those are moments I really wished I could have called the action for.”

But as anyone in the business will tell you, it’s hard to make it look so easy.  There is a steep learning curve for everyone that steps foot inside a wrestling federation.  You either make the most of your opportunity and run with the football you are given or you take a backseat to someone who will.  Big D.A. has been scoring touchdowns as the IZW play-by-play man ever since he was handed the ball by the IZW brass.

“It really is a tough job.  It is very hard to be creative and entertaining for three straight hours.  And do it once a week.  You have to explain things so fans at home can understand.  And on top of that, it’s live TV.  There are no second chances.  When the show is over you are exhausted, but it’s a different kind.  You’re emotionally drained.  Seeing all that action and reacting to it, I get invested in it just like the fans watching around the world do.  Then there is a whole technical side to the broadcast that most people would never think about.  An example is you are calling a match and in your ear production is telling you after this we are going to cue a video and you take us into it, after that take us to break.  So now I’m thinking two things ahead to where I need to be, but still trying to keep up with the pace that all these great superstars are giving us in the ring.  When I started out I had this giant notebook where I would basically write down talking points.  Things like wins and losses from other events, histories of matches.  But with all this action you don’t have time to look down and read off some stat from three months ago.  You just have to know it off the top of your head.  And I may not agree with him most of the time but I have to thank my broadcast partner Damon Windsor.  He is very talented at what he does and makes my job a lot easier,” Big D.A. said.

Big D.A. and everyone else in IZW are now having their talents seen on a worldwide basis.  Not only is IZW one of  the very few professional wrestling organizations to have pay-per-view, but the fact that IZW shows are  broadcast on Internet pay-per-view (iPPV) means anybody on the planet with an Internet connection can tune in to the weekly free shows and order the monthly iPPVs.
“To be associated with a great company like is pretty awesome.  We are able to take our show to a whole new level thanks to them.  People around the world get the chance to find out how good people like Jermaine Johnson, Aaron Neil, Double D, Rage Logan, Kevin Morgan, Randy Price and Jordan Jacobs are, just to name a few. I could list the entire roster because top to bottom there is so much talent and heart and drive that it’s unbelievable. On the personal side, it’s almost surreal to me when people send me messages saying, ‘Oh I heard the show, you are awesome’.  Deep down I’m still just a fan like everyone else.  But to say I’ve called matches, on pay-per-view mind you, for people like Brent Albright…how many people in the world can say that?  Not many,” Big D.A. continued.

For IZW and Big D.A. the past and present accolades are great, but what really excites the organization is what’s still to come.  “The future of IZW is so bright you might need all of Jermaine Johnson’s shades.  From the talent of all these superstars, to the hard work that the production and support staff puts in, we are helping change the landscape of professional wrestling.  Places like are where the future is.  What other Indy show can you watch around the world every single week on your phone or Ipad?  The list is very few.  We offer something that has been missing from wrestling on TV for a long time, entertainment.  People want a break from the stress of their everyday lives.  They want to be entertained.  And we offer the chance to do that.  One moment you’re gonna laugh and the next you’re gonna be on the edge of your seat because of the action.  It has something for everyone.  And that’s something that has been missing from wrestling shows on TV for a while.  You watch it once and I promise you, you are gonna be hooked and come back for more,” D.A. guaranteed.

Like any good announcer, Big D.A. quickly deflects any praise and compliments and re-focuses the attention on the men and women competing in the IZW ring.

“What an amazing list of superstars we have in IZW.  From the new IZW Tag Team Champs, the Old School Suckas, and their battles with Nemesis.  Those are two of the best tag teams you will find.  Then you have Jordan Jacobs.  Like him or not the kid has so much talent, but he seems to be getting a lot of bad influence from our Commissioner Brandon Bishop.  But I guess you can say it’s working for him because he’s still the Impact Division Champ, even if he had to knock Double D out with the belt to keep it.  And the Heavyweight Champ Aaron Neil, he’s now held that belt an unbelievable 6 times.  Such an athlete, so quick and powerful.  But why would “The Real Deal” want to pull his chair up to Brandon Bishop’s table so to speak.  There are a lot of unanswered questions about his match at “March Mayhem” with Jermaine Johnson.  I just hope we have the chance to get some of those answers pretty soon.  As for Johnny Z, he’s the owner, the founder, and the Natural Born Leader.  He had a vision for IZW and the business mind to be able to put the right pieces in the right places to make it skyrocket.  The bar is raised so high for Indy shows in this region because of what he and IZW have done.  Who knows what will happen when he is healed 100% from his knee surgery and walks back in to the Impact Arena.  With the history between him and Brandon Bishop, things could be very interesting in the future to say the least,” Big D.A. said.

Big D.A. is the consummate professional.  Part of being a great play-by-play man is going unnoticed, delivering seamless commentary to the audience at home watching on TV that blends together smoothly with the action in the ring.  Big D.A. is that good.  He becomes the voice in your head while bringing you informative details and unique tidbits for every wrestler and match and gives each segment greater depth.  The future of IZW is bright on many fronts, one of them being the awesome production value that you get when you watch an IZW event.  Big D.A. is a huge part of that.
“Thank you so much to all the fans of IZW.  Without you we wouldn’t be able to do this.  Keep watching, keep coming to the Impact Arena every Saturday night and I promise we will keep giving you the best show around.  And for the new fans out there make sure you check out our YouTube channel IZWOklahoma and our Facebook page.  Go back and watch all our old shows on and see all this great action.  It is my pleasure to be able to entertain you each and every week and I look forward to doing it for a long time,” Big D.A concluded.

SportfightX "Alabama VS Georgia" Review

Poster coming soon!

Sportfight X returned with a loaded card “Alabama VS Georgia” featuring 11 bouts coming from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama for Alabama’s first professional MMA sanctioned event.  Sportfight X has quickly become “Southeastern MMA’s Ultimate Proving Ground” because of high octane cards like this show.  The fighters set a dizzying pace from the first fight until the last and gave the fans in attendance and watching online a great night of action from start to finish.    

In the main event, and the pro debut for both fighters, Stephen Wilhite (1-0) of Cullman, Alabama defeated Jonathan Clemmons (0-1) of Clarksville, Tennessee by submission in a featherweight battle.  The bout started with some clinch work against the cage with both fighters working for under-hooks and better positioning.  Wilhite dropped levels for a takedown and landed several punches on the ground to Clemmons.  Clemmons rolled giving up position and Wilhite slapped on a rear naked choke and got the immediate tapout win in the first round.  It was an impressive victory for the hometown fighter, as the crowd erupted in cheers.  

In the co-main event, Will Kuhn (1-0) of Atlanta, Georgia defeated Matt Smart (0-1) by rear naked choke in the third round after a wild back and forth brawl.  Both fighters threw everything at each other, and there was no quit in either fighter as they both took some punishment.  Ultimately the fight came down to conditioning as Kuhn was more prepared in the third round and when the fight hit the ground he was able to move  and transition faster than Smart as he worked for better position and in doing so he was able to get Smart in a bad spot and work the submission.

Don’t miss this full throttle card featuring fighters from around the Dirty South!  Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today as Sportfight X presents its latest event “Alabama VS Georgia” exclusively on the GFL Combat Sports Network at

Fight Factory at the Knit 1 Review

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Northern Nevada's premier cage fighting event returned as Ultimate Reno Combat presented “Fight Factory at the Knit 1”, a 6-bout card, to a raucous crowd at the Knitting Factory in Reno, Nevada.

In the main event, Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez (5-0) representing Morrissey’s Elite Fight Team defeated Albert Townsend (6-8) of Team Bidwell by triangle choke in round one.  It was a fast fight, but featured nonstop action as Townsend started off throwing wild strikes, but that didn’t faze Hernandez.  The grappling wizard Hernandez was prepared as he immediately took down Townsend with a hard slam and after some nice grappling and a few punches that found their mark causing Townsend to cover up Hernandez worked the position into his favor and secured a triangle choke improving his record to 5 wins and still no defeats. 

In co-main event, Daymond Bland (3-1) defeated Travis Whitley (4-3) by rear naked choke in round one.  Bland, who is from Ultimate Fitness in Sacramento, quickly got the takedown and went to work on the mat landing several hard strikes, including knees that took the wind out of Whitley.  From there, Bland improved his position and got the fight ending choke for the tapout from the American Powerhouse representative Whitley.   

See all of the KOs and submissions of these up and coming fighters that fought their hearts out at this event.  Watch the champions of tomorrow compete today! Don't miss this loaded event with 6 bouts all ending before a decision as Northern Nevada's own Ultimate Reno Combat presents “Fight Factory at the Knit 1”, exclusively on GFLOnDemand!

Thunder Downunder WWIII Review

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Gasoline Alley (Harley Davidson) & Thunderlegs Promotions makes its worldwide debut on with championship kickboxing as it presented “Thunder Downunder WWIII”.  “WWIII” was held at the Skilled Park Stadium, Robina Gold Coast, in beautiful Queensland, Australia.  The event featured an 8-bout card with the IKF Pro World Heavyweight Kickboxing Title up for grabs with one of Australia’s founding fathers of kickboxing looking to pull the upset and win a world title in front of his countrymen.  

In the main event, World IKF FC Cruiserweight and USA Champion, Mike Sheppard (21-5-1) (Glenville, West Viriginia) defeated formerly undefeated Robert “Thunderlegs” Glasson-Wilesmith (15-1) (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) by TKO in round 3 to win the IKF Pro International Heavyweight World Title.  It was a one-sided fight as  the American was just too strong, too young and too good.  Sheppard opened up a huge cut on Glasson-Wilesmith’s forehead which gave the Australian vision trouble after that.   Sheppard  dished out even more punishment landing punch after punch until finally finding a home for the final punch of the night which came crushing down on Glasson-Wilesmith ending his night and possibly his career.  It might not have been a storybook ending for Glasson-Wilesmith, but even though he was bloodied and battered he did go out on his terms as he fought until the end.

In other action, Jarkko Jussila (11-1) (Finland) defeated late replacement Shannon Forrester (Australia) in a "demonstration" fight where there was no actual winner of record. These two kickboxers delivered an action-packed three round exhibition and even though Jusilla was outweighed by 9 kilos he was game throughout the bout.

“Thunder Downunder WWIII” delivered a mixed night of fights.  With 8 hard hitting bouts, there was plenty of bone crunching action and KOs.  Order this iPPV now to see some of Australia’s top strikers compete.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NAAFS - "Combat Challenge 19" Review

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The North American Allied Fight Series (NAAFS) returned to with “Combat Challenge 19” at Chapparells Community Center in Akron, Ohio. NAAFS is one of the most prolific MMA organizations in the country as it runs a monthly event in and around the Ohio area. The 12-bout card featured 7 stoppages and was a fast paced event that had fans on their feet several times throughout the show.

In the main event, Josh “The Ox” Lasich (4-0) stayed unbeaten as he defeated Dave Lastafka (6-1) by Achilles lock in the first round of a welterweight clash.  Lasich scored early with a takedown and then softened Lastafka’s defense by landing several punches.  But Lastafka reversed the position with Lasich now on bottom but that was fine with Lasich as he secured the seldom used Achilles lock and squeezed with all his might.  Lastafka tapped out giving the victory to Lasich.  

In the co-main event, Rachel Sazoff defeated Ronda Gale by unanimous decision of a 120 lb bout.  Sazoff landed a takedown in round one but both women got to their feet where Gale worked for a guillotine but was slammed down to the mat by Sazoff.  Round two saw some more grappling as Sazoff got another takedown where the fighters traded punches.  In the third round, there was more standup early on then at any other time in the fight, but once again Sazoff got a takedown, controlled the ground action and won the round and fight.

With 7 out of 12 fights ending by KO or submission this is an explosive card that will whet the appetite of any MMA fan. Be sure to catch all of the action from this exciting card as NAAFS presents NAAFS: “Combat Challenge 19” exclusively at

March 24 Review for IZW broadcast on

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The March 24 broadcast of IZW TV featured the opening round of a stacked tournament but did little to clarify some of the fallout that took place a week earlier on the “March Mayhem” iPPV.  Only seven days removed from Aaron Neil winning the IZW World Heavyweight Championship for a record sixth time, the “way” he won the title was what everyone wanted to talk about.  Unfortunately, that will have to wait for one more week, as Neil did not show himself to the IZW faithful instead leaving his minions and lackeys like Jordan Jacobs and Damon Windsor to wrestle in front of the IZW fans at the sold out Impact Arena.  

The 2012 Impact Player of the Year Tournament kicked off the show with a tournament qualifier match between Double D and Damien Morte.   The 8-man tournament will culminate at IZW’s next iPPV on May 12 at “Coronation”.  The other 6 contestants are Jermaine Johnson and Rage Logan (who competed later in the show in the main event), Randy Price, Jordan Jacobs, Kevin Morgan and a mystery opponent.  The twist to this year’s tourney, per Commissioner Brandon Bishop, is the final match at “Coronation” will be a Ladder Match!  Double D and Morte tore into each other as these two went hold for hold for much of the match.  Morte did a good job of keeping Double D grounded by taking him to the mat, but that was fine with D as he unloaded some tremendous chops that rattled not only Morte’s chest, but the building.  Double D dished out more punishment and had Morte ready for the Defacer, but Rage Logan distracted D and even held him against the ropes while Morte readied with a punch.  Double D broke free at the last second and Morte’s punch landed squarely on Logan’s jaw knocking him off the ring apron.  Next Double D grabbed Morte and this time delivered the Defacer and got the 1-2-3 to advance into the second round of the tournament.  It was a strong showing by Double D as he now waits for his next opponent in this murderer’s row of challengers for the Impact Player of the Year.

The next bout was a rematch of a bout at “March Mayhem” as Bryan Cruize defeated Kevin Morgan for  the second straight time.  Cruize snapped Morgan’s 26-week undefeated streak at “March Mayhem” and the loss seemed to invigorate Morgan as he pounded Cruize with every hard shot and slam in the book.  Their first bout was back and forth, but this bout looked more like a one-side alley fight until the end.  Cruize would not give up and kept hanging around and finally saw his opportunity as he ducked out of the way of a Morgan punch and rolled up the “Image of War” for another pinfall victory.  Lighting can strike twice in the same place as this was reminiscent of the end of their first match only seven days earlier.

The new IZW Tag Team Champions were in action next as the Old School Suckas took on Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs and Damon Windsor.  In the beginning, Price and Tool really showed what tag teaming was about as they isolated Jacobs away from Windsor and went to work on him.  But Jacobs and Windsor worked well together as a new team, which is quite an accomplishment as they took on the best of the best in tag team wrestling and when Jacobs was able to tag in Windsor the tone of the match changed dramatically.  Windsor’s size and strength matched up well with Tool and he worked over “The Coach” for some time.  Coach was finally able to break from a choke hold and slam Windsor on his back.  Tool  made the tag and Price went to work landing haymakers on Windsor and Jacobs, dropping bodies with every punch.  The end came when Price knocked Jacobs out of the ring and together with Tool they planted Windsor on the mat with a double neckbreaker.

Erica took on Kyra Maya next.  Erica won the first ever IZW Women’s Fatal 4-Way at “March Mayhem” and Maya was intent on getting her pound of flesh.  Maya grounded Erica early on and delivered a bone-crushing kick to Erica’s sternum knocking the wind out of the Lady of Impact and probably breaking a few ribs too.  But Erica’s conditioning played a big part in the match.  It let her recuperate faster than an average competitor and then Erica went on the offensive landing strike after strike on Maya.  Erica executed a double knee shot to Maya’s chest knocking Maya down to the mat and in a daze.  Erica then landed a big splash perfectly but the powerful Maya kicked out at the count of two.  Maya rose to her feet and landed several hambones upside Erica’s face, but Erica did the smart thing and bounced off the ropes to create some momentum and hit Maya with a perfect bulldog.  But even this wasn’t enough to stop the dynamo Maya!  She kicked out again!  Both women continued to fight in the corner until finally Maya dropped Erica with a short right and then maneuvered her up and gave her a pump-handle slam crushing the life out of Erica.  Maya got the hard fought victory and showed that on any given night, she is the best female wrestler in the Mid-South territory.  

In the main event, Rage Logan defeated former IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson after a perfect moonsault from the top rope that put the finishing touches on match of the night.  Johnson was ready to put the past behind him from last week’s shocking loss to Aaron Neil and get back into the squared circle and in to the winning column, but Logan had other plans.  Logan and his partner Damien Morte really got the crowd stirred into a frenzy before the match, but it was Johnson who shut down Logan’s antics, at least in the beginning.  Johnson gave the fans a front row showing as he slammed Logan’s head into the guard rail  right in front of the raucous crowd.  Johnson followed up with a series of kicks to Logan in the corner that planted the former Tag Team and Impact Division Champion on his behind.  Morte ambushed Johnson from behind, but Johnson was ready and stunned Morte with a drop  toehold to which Morte’s ensuing momentum ran him face first into Logan’s family jewels!     The referee had finally seen enough and gave Morte the boot.  Now it was a true one on one match.  Johnson showed off his submission game as he locked in the Cobra Stretch, but Logan was able to make it to the ropes for an automatic break.  The rope break gave Logan the chance to get his second wind, and this time it was Johnson in the corner eating left handed punches and kicks from Logan.  Johnson and Logan fought outside of the ring for a brief moment where Logan landed a swinging neckbreaker on the ropes before Logan brought Johnson back in to the ring the hard way with a hanging DDT that smashed Johnson’s head against the green mat.    Logan went for the pin, but the former Champion Johnson would not stay down.  Johnson was able to turn the tide in his favor for the final time when he dropped Logan on his head with a belly to back suplex from the second rope.  But Logan was not to be denied on this night as he kicked out of the pinfall attempt at two!  Johnson was ready to deliver the ES2 but then Aaron Neil’s music hit (he never showed), distracting Johnson and giving Logan a chance to fully recuperate.  Logan whipped Johnson off the second rope sending him crashing down to the mat.  Logan then bounced up to the top rope and executed a textbook moonsault on Johnson crushing the wind and the will to continue out of him.  Logan is moving on in the  2012 Impact Player of the Year Tournament while Johnson suffers his second straight defeat and is left to pick up the pieces.  

Stay tuned for next week when hopefully the new IZW World Heavyweight Champion, Aaron Neil, will make an appearance and explain some of his actions.  Tune in this Saturday on for FREE to get the scoop!

Epic Fighting 11 Review

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Epic Fighting 11 returned to the GFL Combat Sports Network with another exciting event from the Four Points Sheraton in San Diego, California.  Epic Fighting has collected some of the deepest local talent in the country and provided the fans of SoCal and worldwide watching live on the Internet, another great night of action packed amateur fights on this 12-bout card.    

In the main event, Kaiyana Rain (2-1) from Werdum Combat Team and KingsMMA defeated Tamara Iglesias (1-1) from Victory MMA by unanimous decision in a under 115 lb bout.  Rain came into the fight looking to set the tone early and pressure Iglesias but Iglesias had ideas of her own and fought back just as hard.  Both women put on a great main event, and showed that they both have a great career ahead of them displayed by the grit and determination each fighters showed in the cage.  The fight was mostly standup, but Rain and Iglesias proved they are both well-rounded fighters who can fight on their feet or on the mat. 

In the co-main event, Gibran Alvarez (5-1) out of Victory MMA defeated Odon Alvarez De La Campa (3-5)by unanimous decision in a cruiserweight slugfest.  Both gladiators threw everything but the kitchen sink at one another and landed some devastating punches.  But to both men’s credit, neither fighter would give an inch and both lasted until the final bell.  In the end it was Alvarez’ conditioning that saw him land the heavier punches with more accuracy in the final round that tilted the decision in his favor.  

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event.  Watch the stars of tomorrow compete today.  Be sure to catch all of the action on video on demand as Epic Fighting presents Epic Fighting 11 on pay-per-view exclusively at

Friday, March 23, 2012

Extreme Fighters World Championship - "The Untamed 2" Preview

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Extreme Fighters World Championship is back with “The Untamed 2” on May 30 at The Grove of Anaheim, California.  This is the debut event for EFWC on and the organization looks to make a splash in a big way with a stacked card and a hotly anticipated main event.   “The Untamed 2” will no doubt build on the growing momentum of high level events that EFWC presents.  

In the main event, Antonio McKee (27-4-2) fights Chad Dietmeyer (8-1) in  a lightweight scrap.  McKee is a former UFC veteran, a former champion with MFC and an IFL standout.  There is not a better fighter in the game that can control a fight and take it to the ground and keep it on the ground like McKee.  McKee went on an 8 year undefeated streak and looks to continue his two-fight streak he is currently riding.  For Dietmeyer, this will be a huge step up in competition and with it comes a huge career opportunity.  Dietmeyer has fought on the Arizona circuit for some time, grabbing regional titles and a victory over the vaunted McKee would do wonders for his future.  Expect McKee to do what he does best and try to get the fight to the ground early and keep it there.  Dietmeyer needs to make McKee pay when he comes in for a takedown, a tall order, and then if he finds himself on the bottom work submission after submission.  

In the co-main event, Jesse Juarez (15-5) takes on Waachiim Spiritwolf (7-8-1).   For the Strikeforce and Bellator vet, Juarez this is another chance to get on the radar of the UFC.  Juarez is a strong wrestler, especially as a welterweight, and will no doubt try and control the bout and get Spiritwolf on his back.  For Spiritwolf, this could be a make or break fight as he has suffered back to back losses, so expect the Strikeforce and Bellator veteran to come out guns blazing, leaving nothing to chance.  This is an important fight for both fighters for very different reasons so that is great news to the fans.  Expect fireworks of some kind early on in this bout.  

Don’t miss this exciting card.  Extreme Fighters World Championship brings you another fully loaded card with “The Untamed 2”.  Watch the hottest SoCal fighters compete in the cage.  Order this event now, exclusively through the GFL Combat Sport Network at 

March 24 Preview for IZW broadcast on

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After "March Mayhem", IZW is now a very different federation. The pillars of the great promotion have been shattered. With a new faction rising up to take a stranglehold on all that is IZW, now is not the time for the weak of heart. New IZW Heavyweight World Champion Aaron "The Real Deal" Neil aligned himself with IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop, Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs, Eric Rose and Shawn McHale and gave former Champion Jermaine Johnson one of the most severe beatings in recent memory. Johnson was destroyed by a dozen chair shots and then and only then was Neil able to pin the fallen champ. If they were able to do this to the Johnson, what does this new clique have in store for the rest of the IZW roster?

In tag team action, The Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Randy Price) won back the IZW World Tag Team Titles from Nemesis and now once again sit atop the division. But Nemesis is not known for lying down and you can bet they will have something to say to the new champs on Saturday.

Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the squared circle. Tune in to the Mid-South's premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next. Watch professional wrestling like it's supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD! Watch IZW!

Monday, March 19, 2012

IZW - "March Mayhem" Review

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Everything was on the line as “March Mayhem” went down at the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma in front of a rabid crowd.  The fans at the arena and watching live on saw all three IZW titles on the line and got a main event that after it was finished drastically changed the landscape of IZW and its competitors forever.

In the opening match, the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Randy Price) won the IZW World Tag Team Titles by defeating former Champs, Nemesis (Rage Logan and Damien Morte) after an old school brawl.  Nemesis had been on quite a roll since winning the tag titles back at “Violent Valentine”, but Tool and Price were able to stop the momentum, at least on this night, of Nemesis.  The crowd was solidly in the corner of the Old School Suckas, but that didn’t faze Nemesis in the beginning as Logan took it to Price and even landed a few Ric Flair chops in the corner that smashed across the flesh of Price.  Morte then took his turn abusing Price and even choked him using the ropes, a blatantly cheating.  Nemesis did a great job tag teaming against Price and keeping him in their corner for several minutes wearing him down with mat based grappling.  Price made a valiant effort to finally tag in Tool, but the referee was distracted by Morte which meant Price had to stay in the ring and fight back some more.  In the move of the match, Logan flung himself over the top rope twisting in the air and landed full force on Price who had just fallen through the ropes to the ground courtesy of Morte’s help.   It turned out to be a reckless move as Logan was just as injured as Price after the fall.  Both wrestlers finally made their way back in to the ring and after a quick double team by Nemesis, Price finally made the tag to Tool!  Tool came in to the ring and gave Nemesis a double clothesline followed up by individual back body drops, which took the wind out of Nemesis’ sails.  Logan was able to turn the tide for a split second with a jumping neckbreaker that put Tool on the mat and on dizzy street.  Nemesis tried to double team Price next, but he ducked out of the way of a Morte mist attempt and the red substance landed directly in Logan’s face.  After an atomic drop on Morte, Price and Tool landed their patented Old School Sucka finish on a confused Morte and got the pinfall becoming the new IZW Tag Team Champions.   

In the second bout, in the first ever Women’s Fatal Four-Way Match, Erica defeated Starr, Kyra Maya and Miss Diss Lexia to prove to everyone in IZW that she is the alpha female.  It was a free for all in the beginning with every woman going after anyone who was close.  Midway through the bout, Miss Diss Lexia and Kyra Maya found themselves on the outside of the ring which gave Erica and Starr a chance to go one on one in the middle of the ring.  The top two females went back and forth, with Starr landing a backbreaker and a sidewalk slam on Erica.  It wasn’t enough as Erica kicked out of the pinfall attempt and then grabbed Starr by the head and jumped up to the top rope to land a variation of a neckbreaker that put Starr down for the count, and gave the Lady of Impact the victory.  

Next up was “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan versus newcomer Bryan Cruize.  This was the first competitive bout Morgan has been in for a long time as Cruize could almost match Morgan for size and strength.  The two giants traded power moves and right hands but Morgan seemed one step ahead of his opponent, until the end.  Cruize showed his agility in the ring as he outmaneuvered Morgan and landed a swinging neckbreaker, but Morgan was able to shake off the pinfall attempt.  Morgan then went for his patented choke slam but Cruize slipped out of the hold and managed to roll up Morgan for a quick 1-2-3 pin!  Morgan’s win streak is stopped at 26 weeks in a row and the newcomer, Bryan Cruize makes an immediate impact on his first night in IZW by taking down the giant.  

Double D defeated IZW Impact Division Champion, “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs, by disqualification after a wild match.  Jacobs still retains the title as the title cannot change hands on a DQ.   Double D came out like a bat out of hell but Jacobs quickly turned the tables with an illegal eye poke followed by several hard shots in the kidneys that slowed down Double D.  Jacobs continued the onslaught by jumping on Double D’s back while his neck was against the ropes, sending his windpipe into the unforgiving cable and nearly choking him out.  Jacobs even landed a sit-down power bomb but he could not put away Double D who was a man possessed.  D was finally able to turn the tide and landed 10 knees to Jacobs’ face, no doubt rearranging the cartilage in Jacobs' nose.  Double D then landed a crossbody from the top rope, but Shawn McHale distracted the referee from counting the pinfall and Jacobs was saved.  McHale continue to distract the ref, giving Jacobs time to recover and grab his Impact Division belt which he swung at D like a baseball bat, but D ducked the attempt and landed a knee square into the metal belt which was then driven up into Jacobs’ face.  Double D then executed a perfect Defacer and got the pinfall and won the title.  That is until Commissioner Brandon Bishop came out to the ring and ordered a re-start to the match because of D’s apparent use of the championship belt (Bishop overlooked the fact that Jacobs brought the belt in to the ring in the first place).  Once the match was restarted, Double D picked up right where he left off, and went up to the top rope to finally finish Jacobs off, but Jacobs blatantly hit Double D in the face with the belt causing an immediate disqualification and in doing so retained the title which he should have lost twice on this night.  It was a smart albeit underhanded move by Jacobs to retain his title.  

Eric Rose took on second generation wrestler Cody Jones, son of legendary trainer and wrestler, Tom Jones, in a great wrestling bout.  The two traded leg kicks until engaging in a very technical match with some great mat wrestling.  Rose tried to get the fight to the air by bouncing off the turnbuckle but Jones was persistent in grounding Rose’s attempts and getting him back on the canvas with Jones in charge holding a deep headlock as Rose had to constantly work to keep his shoulders off the mat.  Rose was finally able to break Jones’ hold with a stiff right to the jaw, but then Jones landed a perfect drop kick that sent Rose out of the ring.    Jones followed Rose which was a mistake as Rose was able to turn the tables and send Jones into the steel stairs turning the tide of the match in Rose’s favor.   The men made their way back to the ring where Rose continued to work on Jones’ back, landing a back suplex that disabled Jones even more.  Jones came back landing a springboard clothesline but Rose countered with a powerbomb.  Both men then made their way to the top rope where Jones landed a frankensteiner as both men crashed to the mat.  Jones was up first and after a scuffle with Shawn McHale, Jones landed a springboard double-knee to Rose’s face and got the pinfall.  It was a great match and a tremendous win for Cody Jones who is quickly carving out a name for himself in IZW.  

Next up was part 3 of “The Past, Present and Future of Johnny Z”, a behind the scenes video package of the IZW owner and founder.  Part 3 covered the future and the question of retirement came up, which Johnny Z spoke about candidly.  The Natural Born Leader isn’t ready to give up his time in the just ring yet.  Z did talk about some of what he does behind the scenes and as the owner of IZW has his hands in every facet of the organization, but for the time being, he is not ready to be a promoter exclusively as he still feels he has a lot to offer as a pro wrestler, which no doubt wrestling fans around the world agree with.  Johnny Z spoke of his goal for IZW to become a fulltime national promotion that can tour around the country brining the IZW brand to fans across the United States and beyond.  Johnny Z promised he would be back in the ring when it was the right time, when he was 100% healed from his injuries, he would return.  

In the main event, Aaron Neil captured the IZW World Heavyweight Title by defeating former Champion Jermaine Johnson in a No DQ Match after it was revealed that Neil enlisted the help and joined the faction of Brandon Bishop, Jordan Jacobs, Eric Rose and Shawn McHale in one of the more jaw dropping moments in IZW history.  Neil turned on his fans and everyone who ever believed in him because deep down he knew he couldn’t beat Johnson fair and square.  In becoming the 6-time IZW World Heavyweight Champion, Aaron Neil showed that there is nothing in this world, not fans, not friends, not even enemies that he will let dissuade him from his ultimate goal, which is carrying the twenty pounds of IZW gold around his waist and being the World Champ.  

Before the match, it was announced that per Commissioner Bishop’s orders the match was now a No DQ which made sense at the end as it was all part of an elaborate plan meant to rip the title away from Johnson at any cost.  Both men had a feeling out process to start the match with Johnson grabbing a headlock and then Neil doing the same.  The stronger Neil got Johnson down to the mat where he was able to wear on him with his huge body.  Johnson transitioned to a leg scissors and turned the tables on Neil but then both men got back to their feet.  Neil landed a leaping knee to Johnson’s throat, and followed it up with a forearm to the chest that sent Johnson out of the ring and gasping for air.  Neil suplexed Johnson back in to the ring and tried for a cover, but Johnson kicked out.  Neil continued his onslaught landing flying punches, and clotheslines as Johnson tumbled outside of the ring for the second time in the match.  Down by the guardrails, Johnson and Neil had a backyard brawl as they traded fisticuffs and chops, each one deadlier than the previous.  Neil then changed things up a bit and threw Johnson head first into the steel cage that lines the IZW entrance ramp taking full advantage of the No DQ rules.  Neil went for the same move on the opposite side of the ramp, but Johnson reversed him sending the “Real Deal” into the unforgiving metal and breaking his momentum.  It was the opportunity that Johnson was looking for as now he was the aggressor.  Johnson landed multiple chair shots on Neil and followed up by slamming Neil’s head into the concrete wall of the Impact Arena.  This would have killed a normal man, but on this night Neil was no normal man.  The two gladiators made their way back over the guardrail, where Johnson reversed Neil and sent him into the steel chairs crushing his skull into the black metal.  Johnson got a second wind as he threw Neil’s limp body back in the ring and hit Neil with punches and kicks.   Johnson went for a suplex but was reversed by Neil who landed a reverse atomic drop and once again gained the upper hand.  But it was Johnson who landed a slam on Neil reversing the momentum as the crowd chanted “We got this”.   Johnson landed a Real Drill of his own, but Neil would not go away as he kicked out of the pinfall attempt at 2.  Commissioner Bishop then came down to the ring as Neil delivered a spinebuster.  Johnson recovered and landed an ES2 (Energy Shot Two) for what looked like the match ending finisher, but that’s when Bishop came into the ring to break up the pinfall.  Johnson gave chase to Bishop around the ring and when he came back to the ring, Neil was waiting for him and landed an ES2 on Johnson.  But it still was not enough as Johnson kicked out at 2!  After the ref got accidentally hit by Neil and fell out of the ring, Johnson landed a series of punches to Neil’s head, but Neil stopped Johnson dead in his tracks with a low blow.  With the referee still out cold, Neil told Bishop to grab a chair and bring it into the ring.  Neil then slung Johnson’s prone body Bishop’s way and Bishop teed off on Johnson’s head with the metal chair.  The sound was sickening as Johnson’s head crashed against the cold steel like a watermelon dropping off of a skyscraper.  Bishop then threw the ref back into the ring to count the pinfall, BUT THAT WAS STILL NOT ENOUGH! Johnson kicked out again!  A chair shot by Neil came next but Johnson again kicked out!  Neil went for a third chair shot, but Johnson managed to get Neil up in the air and dropped a Real Drill on Neil.  Johnson then pulled Bishop into the ring and threw a few haymakers his way, but once again Neil smashed Johnson in the head with the chair.  That’s four times for those keeping score at home.  Neil then followed that up with a chair shot to the midsection of Johnson.  EIGHT MORE CHAIR SHOTS and Neil finally threw the chair down!   This was finally enough for Neil to get the win as the referee made the count to 3 as the fix was in the whole time.  But Johnson fought back against insurmountable odds to almost overcome this sick display of sportsmanship.  Neil and Bishop celebrated afterwards as Rose, Jacobs and McHale came to the ring to congratulate the new IZW World Heavyweight Champion as Jermaine Johnson lay motionless in the center of the ring.    

What this means for IZW is anyone’s guess.  Tune in this Saturday live on and for FREE to find out!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hard Knocks Fighting Championship - "School of Hard Knocks 22" Review

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Western Canada's top MMA promotion returned as Hard Knocks Fighting Championship presented “School of Hard Knocks 22 – Calgary”, at the Century Casino. The action packed 13-bout pro/am card had 6 fights end via KO or submission and every bout was hotly contested by many of the top up and coming superstars of the Great White North. HKFC is the top proving ground for rising prospects in Western Canada and the 22th installment once again delivered a great night of fights.

In the main event, Steve Simms (4-0), from Xtreme Couture in Toronto, defeated James Haddad (4-3), from Gracie Barra in Calgary, by unanimous decision in a professional lightweight tilt.  It was a back and forth match, as representatives from Couture and Gracie showed off their styles, but in the end, Simms had more tools and got the nod from the judges via decision.  Simms stays undefeated and notches his most important victory in his career as Haddad is a true warrior and gave Simms everything he could handle.  But Simms prevailed in part because of superior wrestling and conditioning.  Simms took the fight where he wanted and controlled the pace.

The co-main event and also a pro fight, Michael Karkula (3-0), out of Xtreme Couture in Toronto, defeated Dia Grant (3-6), from Dynamic MMA in Calgary, via rear naked choke in round one in a featherweight battle. Even with an opponent who had three times the experience, Karkula remained unbeaten as he finished his third opponent (just like his previous two) in short order. Karkula was very strong on the ground and it showed that he is a deadly grappler as the fight ending choke came out of nowhere as Karkula moved to a dominant spot on the ground with ease and secured the submission. 

Don't miss this electrifying event now on video on demand, iPPV, featuring Western Canada's finest MMA athletes as Hark Knocks Fighting Championship presents “School of Hard Knocks 22 – Calgary” in front of a packed house at the Century Casino.  Watch a who’s who of Canada’s up and coming prospects.  Order now.

Thunder Downunder WWIII Preview

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Gasoline Alley (Harley Davidson) & Thunderlegs Promotions makes its worldwide debut on March 24 with with championship kickboxing as it presents “Thunder Downunder WWIII”.  “WWIII” will be held at the Skilled Park Stadium, Robina Gold Coast, in beautiful Queensland, Australia.  The event features the IKF Pro World Heavyweight Kickboxing Title up for grabs with one of Australia’s founding fathers of kickboxing looking to pull the upset and win a world title in front of his countrymen.  

In the main event, World IKF FC Cruiserweight and USA Champion, Mike Sheppard (20-5-1) (Glenville, West Viriginia) fights undefeated Robert “Thunderlegs” Glasson-Wilesmith (15-0) (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).  The Australians will have one of their own going for a world title and the stadium is sure to be rocking.  Sheppard comes into the bout on a hot streak as he has strung several wins together and looks to add to his impressive record by defeating a living legend in his own backyard.  Sheppard is the bigger man and will have age on his side as he is quite a bit younger.  Sheppard’s best strikes are his punches, which he has used effectively to launch a successful pro boxing career too.  He will look to stay on the outside and pick his opponent apart with jabs and crosses.  For Glasson-Wilesmith, he comes in to this fight with nothing to lose and everything to gain.  The grizzled veteran has some of the best knockout power in the world as 14 of his 15 bouts have ended in KO or TKO.  Glasson-Wilesmith sports some of the deadliest kicks in the game and has finished several fighters by chopping them down with his tree trunk sized legs.  If Glasson-Wilesmith can close the distance and land one of his patented kicks it could mean he walks out of Skilled Park Stadium a world champion. 

In other action, Jarkko Jussila (10-1) (Finland) battles Ntokozo Mgwaba (6-1) (Durban, South Africa) for the IKF Pro Intercontinental FC Welterweight Kickboxing Title.  These two kickboxers come in around 140 lb and they don’t know the meaning of half speed.  Expect this bout to be a barnburner from the opening bell as Jussila and Mgwaba both have similar styles of fighting.  They like to outwork and out point their opponents, putting relentless pressure on them will landing hundreds of strikes throughout the course of the entire bout.  This matchup looks to be an easy candidate for fight of the night. 

“Thunder Downunder WWIII” promises to be a wild night of fights.  With 9 bouts scheduled, there will be plenty of bone crunching action and jaw dropping knockouts to excite any combat sports fan.  Order this iPPV now to see Australia’s best strikers compete in front of one of the wildest crowds around.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

NAAFS - "Combat Challenge 19" Preview

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The North American Allied Fight Series (NAAFS) returns on March 24 on with Combat Challenge 19 at Chapparell’s Community Center in Akron, Ohio.  The Ohio-based NAAFS has been a proving ground for tons of MMA fighters who have made their way to the UFC and Strikeforce.  NAAFS continues to promote the Midwest’s premier up and coming fighters and Combat Challenge 19 will only add to NAAFS’ rich history.  

In the main event, Josh Lasich (3-0) battles Dave Lastafka (6-0).  In a battle of unbeatens, something has to break.  Lasich is a grappling wizard winning all 3 of his fights by submission (2 in the NAAFS cage).  He has also managed to stay healthy through it all as he has already fought once this year.  Lastafka is also a NAAFS veteran winning 4 times with the organization.  Lastafka also has an unbreakable ground game mixed with a world class striking game as he has stopped 5 of his 6 opponents.  Lastafka is the naturally bigger fighter, so expect him to use his strength to try and wear Lasich out on the ground.  Lasich should have the advantage in cardio though so it will be interesting to see the strategy in this bout and who is able to impose their will.  Nothing is assured in fighting, but this bout is about as close as you can get to a can’t miss fight.  The winner will set himself up as one of the rising stars of MMA.

In the co-main event, Anthony Holder (3-3) takes on Adib Nour (2-0) in a heavyweight scrap.  Holder has won his last 3 fights all in round one.  He swings for the fences and when he connects, it usually lights out for his opponents.  Nour is just as deadly with his fists as he has finished his two opponents in the first round also, his last fight only lasting 16 seconds.  Don’t blink when these two grizzly bears get in the cage as this fight could well be over before the announcer has time to take his seat outside of the cage.  Both fighters don’t mess around and there will be very little if any feeling out process.  Expect fireworks and expect them early.

Don’t miss Combat Challenge 19 presented by NAAFS on March 24.  Watch all the action and witness the champions of tomorrow compete today, live on the GFL Combat Sports Network exclusively on iPPV. 

Epic Fighting 11 Preview

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Epic Fighting 11 returns on the GFL Combat Sports Network on March 23 at the Four Points Sheraton in San Diego, California.  For the 13-bout card, Epic Fighting has collected some of the deepest local talent in the country to provide the fans of SoCal and worldwide watching live on the Internet, a great night of action packed amateur fights.    

In the main event, Gibran Alvarez (4-1) out of Victory MMA takes on Jason Mangaroni (2-0) from Shark Tank MMA in a cruiserweight battle.  Alvarez has tremendous cardio for a cruiserweight as all 5 of his bouts have gone the distance.  Alvarez likes to wear out his opponents and push the pace throughout.  A strong wrestling background allows Alvarez to usually dictate where the fight goes and he will look to take down Mangaroni in this bout from the early going.  For the undefeated Mangaroni, he is the epitome of a fast starter as both his victories have come within the first round, one by KO and the other via submission.  Mangaroni has devastating power in both hands and is a strong grappler always looking to finish fights.  Alvarez will try to stifle Mangaroni’s attacks by using superior control and positioning on the ground.  This will be a classic battle of wills as whoever can control the action in the cage and where the fight goes will have a distinct advantage.

In other action, Daniel Valdez (0-3) fights Francisco Castro (5-4) in a featherweight bout.  Valdez is coming off a tough loss in his last fight in which he suffered a TKO loss, but his other two defeats came by way of razor close decisions.  You have to respect Valdez and his continued determination to always bring it with every fight.  Castro is coming off of a tough loss in the California State Finals back in December and before that bout was on a 4-fight winning streak.  Castro is a cage general and controls the pace of the action very well, as he grinds out his opponents for unanimous decisions.  He will look to do the same against Valdez.  Both fighters have proven they can go the distance and this should be a fight where there is constant action between the two 145 lb fighters. 

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event.  Watch the stars of tomorrow compete today.  Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on march 23 as Epic Fighting presents Epic Fighting 11 on pay-per-view exclusively at

Absolute Action MMA 24 Preview

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Kentucky’s #1 MMA promotion returns as Absolute Action MMA presents “Absolute Action MMA 24” emanating from the Shimmers Ballroom in Covington, Kentucky on March 23.   MMA fans, this 15-bout card is stacked with the top amateur fighters inside Northern Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati area.  AAMMA is the premier MMA organization in the Bluegrass State and one of the Southeast region’s top cage-fighting promotion’s.  You always get competitive, quality MMA with Absolute Action MMA.

In the main event, Brittany Skelton (5-3) will fight for the AAMMA Lightweight Title.  His opponent has not been named yet, as several fighters have fallen through at the last second, but nevertheless, AAMMA will find a suitable opponent for Skelton and the two will throwdown in the cage for the 155 lb championship.  Skelton is a tough matchup for anybody as he is very quick with his punches and takedowns and poses a problem for most opponents because of his superior cardio conditioning.  But Skelton will be at a disadvantage as he will have little time to gameplan for his eventual opponent so once he steps in the cage he will be going off of pure fighting instinct and just have to go with the flow.  Sometimes matches that are put together at the last minute can be the most exciting on the card because the fighters don’t get bogged down with a detailed strategy.  They just fight.  Expect this bout to just be about fighting as whoever wins walks away a champion.  

In the co-main event, Brian Francisco (5-1) battles Deric “The Manimal” Reece (4-8) in what could be a #1 Contender’s Match for the Lightweight belt.  Francisco is a fast starter who packs a heavy punch as all 5 of his wins have come via KO in the first round.  He will be taking on his toughest opponent to date in Reece, but don’t expect that to curtail Francisco’s furious pace.  Reece has been on a tough skid as of late and for him to get back on the right track he will have to do what he knows best and that’s unloading punches, as all 4 of his wins have come by submission, due to strikes.  Not many people wanted to fight Francisco, but Reece stepped up to the plate and if he can pull the mild upset here, he will be right back in the title hunt for the AAMMA Lightweight strap.  

You won’t find more BANG for your buck so order this thrilling event.  Be sure to catch all of the action LIVE on March 23 as Absolute Action presents Absolute Action MMA 24 on pay-per-view exclusively at

Glory Word Series Preview

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Golden Glory partners with the GFL Combat Sports Network to present a huge kickboxing event on March 23 in Moscow, Russia dubbed “Glory World Series” featuring several world champions in action to a worldwide audience.  The 11-bout card is highlighted by one of the most decorated Dutch kickboxers in the world and also features a card with a former UFC Heavyweight Champion in action.

In the main event, 4-time K-1 Champion, Dutchman, Semmy “Hightower” Schilt (37-6-1) faces Frenchman Brice “Nectar” Guidon (28-6) in what is sure to be a bone crunching match.  Schilt took off 2011 but now looks to restart his career against Guidon who is looking to make a name for himself at Schilt’s expense.  Schilt will look to use his 6’11” frame to keep the smaller 6’5” Guidon at bay.  Schilt is a master at mixing up kicks and keeping his opponent off balance throughout the fight.  And at 290+ lb, Schilt has the power to KO anybody with one strike.  Guidon will have to find a way to get inside Schilt’s reach advantage and land hard shots to Schilt’s mid-section and legs to try to wear out the giant.  Guidon should have an advantage in cardio conditioning and he will need to get the bigman to follow him around the ring and exert energy.  This is a world class kickboxing match of two of the best fighters on the planet.  The winner can easily claim they are at the top of the food chain in the heavyweight division.  

In other action, Dutch transplant and Golden Glory team member Errol Zimmerman (75-16-1-1) battles Frenchman Jerome “Geronimo” Le Banner (73-20-1-1).  Zimmerman is on a 7-fight win streak (6 by KO) and is the future of kickboxing.  Le Banner is the aging warrior who is looking for one last hooray.  The former K-1 World Champion, Le Banner is on a 3-fight win streak of his own and is not going to be used as anybody’s stepping stone, so expect the veteran to come out guns blazing and test the upstart Zimmerman early.  This could very well be a passing of the torch match, and if it’s not, then it will prove Le Banner still has a lot to offer the sport.

In other action, Sergei Kharitonov battles Mark Miller.  Kharitonov is best known for his MMA matches in PRIDE and Strikeforce, but the Russian has always been a great kickboxer and has aligned himself with Golden Glory since 2007.  With a record of (18-5-1) in MMA but only (2-2), Kharitonov is still a newcomer in the sport of kickboxing.  His opponent, American, Mark Miller is (14-6-2) in kickboxing and just recently became a member of Golden Glory after coming back from heart surgery in which his heart was only producing 15% output along with being enlarged.  Miller battled back from that and will look to use his same determination as he takes on the always durable Russian.  

Also in action, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Ricco “Suave” Rodriguez takes on Denis “The Menace” Stojnic.  Rodriguez is known for having a great ground game in MMA but all of those tools will be taken away as he battles Stojnic in a straight up kickboxing match.  It will be interesting how the former Champ fares in this combat sport where the rules do not favor all of his skillset.  

“Glory World Series” is quite simply the most stacked kickboxing card of 2012.  It is loaded with several World Champions competing against one another and features two legends of K-1.  If you are a fan of kickboxing, don’t miss this Dutch-inspired event as you won’t find better striking on the planet.  Order this event now on

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hard Knocks Fighting Championship - "School of Hard Knocks 22" Preview

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Western Canada’s top MMA promotion returns as Hard Knocks Fighting Championship presents School of Hard Knocks 22 Calgary, March 16 at the Century Casino.  The action packed 14-bout pro/am card features many of the top up and coming superstars of the Great White North.  HKFC is the top proving ground for rising prospects in Western Canada and the 22th installment promises to deliver great fights once again.      

In the main event, James Haddad (4-2) from Gracie Barra in Calgary takes on Steve Simms (3-0) from Xtreme Couture in Toronto in a lightweight battle.  3 of Haddad’s 4 wins have come via stoppage and the Gracie Barra fighter is extremely dangerous on the ground.  Simms is an undefeated fighter who has all of his victories by submission, so this could be a grappling classic or it could turn into a slugfest if neither man wants to test the other on the mat.  It’s Gracie versus Couture.  What style will prevail?

The co-main event is Dia Grant (3-5) from Dynamic MMA in Calgary fights Michael Karkula (2-0) out of Xtreme Couture in Toronto in a featherweight tilt.  Grant won his last fight at HKFC 17 via TKO and looks to continue his streak against the always dangerous and undefeated Karkula.  Karkula has both of his wins come via first round submission.  Grant has three times the experience though and so far has fought tougher competition in his career.  This will be a great test for Karkula who is still a relative newcomer to MMA.  Karkula does train at Xtreme Couture, so expect his cardio and wrestling to be to notch though.

Don’t miss this electrifying event featuring Western Canada’s finest MMA athletes as Hark Knocks Fighting Championship presents School of Hard Knocks 22 Calgary on March 16 in front of a packed house at the Century Casino   Hard Knocks Fighting Championship always produces great fights and this event will be no different.  Order now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interview with IZW Superstar Erica

Erica Torres 
“I started out as an amateur wrestler where I was a 3-time All-American, 2-time State Champion and National Champion.”

For Erica Torres known to professional wrestling fans simply as “Erica” competing has always been in her blood.  Fans of IZW know of her exploits at the Impact Arena and her partnership with Double D, but Erica’s career began much earlier than most fans know.  A wrestling prodigy since she was a child, Erica has over a decade of experience in the unforgiving and grueling world of amateur wrestling. When looking at her background and pedigree it more closely resembles the road that Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar took to becoming professional wrestlers than that of Beth Phoenix or Gail Kim.

“I wrestled for about 12 years. I wrestled boys all the way through to my junior year of high school, my junior year is when I went to my first girls’ tournament and started wrestling girls.  I was team captain from 7th grade until my senior year of high school.  I was the first girl to ever make it to the second day of the California Men's Divisional’s my sophomore year,” Erica said.

Originally from California, Erica’s esteemed amateur wrestling career did not end in high school.  She received a college scholarship which sent her to Oklahoma which is the place her professional career began.  “I got a wrestling scholarship to Oklahoma City University and it was really different for me because that was the first time I had ever been on a female team.  Myself and another girl on my team were the first females from Oklahoma City University to place in an international tournament.  I was also the runner up in the Dave Schultz International,” Erica remembered.

After her time in college, Erica set out on a professional career in wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA).  Her cousin is former #1 UFC Lightweight Contender Joe “Daddy” Stevenson so competing and fighting is ingrained in Erica’s family’s DNA.   Competing in MMA under the guidance of Dr. Ron Tripp, Erica picked up wins by submission (strikes) and TKO proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with in whatever venue she competes in. 

But these days, Erica is dedicated to competing in the squared circle.  Erica like so many other rising stars on the Oklahoma circuit was trained by wrestling legend Tom Jones and that along with her amateur background and the high flying techniques she picked up from Double D has made her the most popular female wrestler in the Mid-South.

“Right now I’m focusing on being a top competitor and giving the fans the best entertainment possible.  I live to hear the crowd chant my name and scream at me to win. It’s the greatest feeling ever to know there are people coming to the shows and wanting to see me win,” Erica stated.

Erica has succeeded in one of the toughest businesses in the world with the same type of mental and physical fortitude that she displayed in amateur wrestling and MMA.  Her lifelong perseverance has made her the leader among women on the Independent circuit.  She continues to put 100% of her time and effort into becoming the best she can be. 

“Training wise I lift weights and work out at the gym, I like to do a lot of MMA training and I work on anything I may have gotten beat with or anything I need to perfect to make sure I beat someone. I always watch back my matches to learn from my mistakes and get better.  There are so many challenges that come with wrestling like making sure you get to the building on time, to give yourself enough time to warm up and get ready, to competing, or making sure you eat right, or the next day after competing being so sore you don't want to get out of bed. And there is always the possibilities of injuries,” Erica continued.

Commitment like this has garnered Erica the praise of the IZW faithful who in return have given her the nickname “The Lady of Impact”.  Now with IZW being broadcast every Saturday night on, Erica has the ability to have her matches witnessed by millions of wrestling fans around the globe.   “I think it is an incredibly big deal that fans around the world can tune in and watch IZW. I feel we have a very successful product and it needs to be out there for fans to see.  I am fully confident in the future of IZW.  It’s a great show, the best place by far to work for in Oklahoma. I hope more fans tune in and come live to watch us pour our hearts out and compete in a sport that we all love to do.,” Erica said.

In wrestling every Yin has its Yang.  Good versus Evil.  Part of Erica’s rise in IZW is do to her memorable and ongoing feud with rival, Starr.  “I see myself as a strong part of the women's division. For the longest time I was the only female and was a manager for Double D then Impact Inc. brought in Starr to, in their words, ‘stick it to me’. From there it all went downhill.  As far as me and Starr go, she hates the fact that the fans cheer me instead of her and I despise the fact that she has a horrible attitude,” Erica articulated.

Over the past several months, more fire has been thrown on the Erica VS Starr feud as two newcomers have been brought into the grudge and all they’ve done is stoke the fire.  “She [Starr] brought in Kyra Maya as a friend to demolish me and I found Lexi to even the odds.  Now after that swimsuit competition that [IZW Commissioner] Brandon Bishop decided to throw our way, Kyra is no longer Starr’s friend, so I do feel more confident knowing that every woman is in there for herself. But then again you never know what is going to happen,” Erica continued.

Next up for Erica is a history making match at IZW’s next iPPV “March Mayhem” on March 17 exclusively on  Having competed in hundreds of high stakes matches, the importance of her bout at “March Mayhem” is not lost on Erica.

“At ‘March Mayhem,’ on March 17th, I get to compete in the first ever Women's Fatal 4 Way against Miss Diss Lexia, which don't get me wrong we are friends but we are competitors first and I think that is why we get along so well because we know when to separate friendship  and competition. Then I get the pleasure of beating up Starr again which I love to do because she has diarrhea of the mouth and everything that she says is a load of crap. She is the...let me make this clear...."SELF-PROCLAIMED" ‘Queen of IZW’. In all honesty, I see her as one hell of a competitor but I absolutely despise her attitude and that drives me to want to beat and embarrass her. And I get to get my hands on that deranged bear of a woman Kyra. She may think she is the most dominate woman in IZW but I got news for her, she had to attack me from behind to put me through that table.  I guarantee she couldn't do it if I was ready for her. I have no problems going toe to toe with that woman because we may have a size difference but I’m smarter, faster, and I have a drive and determination that is unmatched. So I guarantee that it’s going to be one hell of a battle and everyone in that ring is going to give it their all but I plan to walk out the victor,” Erica replied.

 At 23, Erica is still very young in the sport of professional wrestling and for a woman that already has a proven track record of success, including multiple championships to her credit, it’s a no-brainer that the best is still yet to come for the Lady of Impact.    She has all the pieces of the puzzle to be a major player in any organization’s women’s division, including WWE and TNA.  

Still humble, even with all of her success, Erica knows it’s the fans that make everything possible.   “I would love to thank the fans for always being there for myself and all the other competitors out there in the ring.  If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be where we are and I want to thank them for believing in me because when I hear them chanting for me it gives me that extra boost to want to win not only for myself but for them too,” Erica concluded