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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IZW - Violent Valentine Preview

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All of the talking, scheming and mind games are over.  Violent Valentine, the first iPPV of 2013 for the preeminent Independent wrestling organization in the world, Impact Zone Wrestling, is right around the corner.  This Saturday, February 16, destinies will be cemented in the annuals of wrestling history as ever match on the card is a make or break, career defining bout.  With the world watching live on and those lucky enough to get a seat at the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma, history will be made, as IZW shatters the mold of what to expect from a wrestling iPPV and trail blazes a path for all other federations to try and follow.  

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?  You will find out the answer to that in the main event, when IZW Champion Double D defends his belt against the biggest threat to his title when he takes on The Convict.  For Double D, a victory against The Convict will shoot D into a whole new stratosphere.  Double D has finally reached the pinnacle of wrestling by winning the IZW Championship.  But will the World’s Best be able to once again beat back the odds and manufacture another victory in an almost unwinnable situation?   Double D is a man’s man and has shown that he has the heart of a lion and the toughness of a grizzly bear.  But in his match with The Convict, he might need the luck of the Irish if he is going to be able to still call himself IZW Champion when the match is over.  The Convict has destroyed every competitor put in his path and in most cases done so with ease as the mysterious challenger has a proven track record of being able to withstand and absorb an ungodly amount of punishment.  Double D is a virtuoso in the ring and if anyone can beat The Convict one on one it is D, but even prodigies have limits.  Heck, the human body has limits of what it can withstand before it breaks.  Will Double D’s speed, aerial attack, technical wrestling and intellect be enough to overcome the one man in all of professional wrestling that has no off switch?  

In the co-main event, Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson takes on former Impact Division Champion Damien Morte in a TLC Match that is sure to do permanent damage to both men before the night is over.  The Human Cannonball and most psychopathic individual in wrestling today will have his hands full as he battles the Master of the Specialty Match and the Leader of the Hype Section in Johnson who is coming off a stellar 2012 where he was voted The Most Popular Wrestler of IZW and looks to continue his streak of in ring superiority on the first iPPV of 2013.  Morte has become obsessed with mimicking Johnson’s every move from his finisher (the ES2) to his hand signals to the crowd for months.  Morte is at the top of his game and has buzz sawed his way into this match by exacting vengeance on every wrestler he has been in the ring with.  Morte sees every challenge, every opponent, as an offshoot of Johnson.  Will this obsession be Morte’s ultimate downfall?  You need look no further than how Johnson won the Impact Division Title, in the first ever Impact X Match at Chaotic Christmas last year to see how he always seems to save his best for these types of specialty matches.  Not only is Johnson the reigning and defending Impact Division Champion, but he is also a two-time IZW Champion and one of the only Triple Crown Champions in IZW history.  Johnson knows what it’s like to do battle with the best of the best and he won’t be outworked by Morte.  But who can account for what a mentally unstable man will do in a wrestling match?  A TLC Match no less!  That is the real question that needs to be answered.  Don’t blink during this match as with Johnson and Morte involved in a TLC match, you are sure to see something new and one of a kind as these two grapplers look to steal the show.  

Also up for grabs are the IZW Tag Team Titles as Champions Team Remix (Copycat & Cody Jones) battle former champions Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) and The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize).  Every wrestler in this bout has held Tag Team gold so they know what’s at stake.  But the OSS look to be at a severe disadvantage as Cruize damaged his knee last week in a match and has been hobbled by the injury ever since.  Not having two good wheels to wrestle in a match with opponents of this caliber drops the odds severely of the OSS being able to win back the titles.  But stranger things have happened.  One of those is the fact that Team Remix, formerly a universally respected and admired tag team chose the path of least resistance (and honor) when they wrestled Price two on one to win the IZW Tag Titles in the first place.  Now that the odds are not stacked in their favor will Team Remix be able to defend their titles on the first 3+ hour iPPV of the year?  Big Business looks to be set up very nicely in this match.  Along with being tag team partners, Windsor and Morgan are also the heavy hitters of Impact Elite and they know how to cut a corner or two and play the numbers game.  You can bet that when all hell breaks loose, and it will, that Windsor and Morgan will welcome the opportunity with open arms and look for an opportunity to put down anyone in their way on a permanent basis as they look to become 2-time IZW Tag Team Champions.  

The Golden Wedding between “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil and Venus has been scrapped as now, with the bride to be Venus lost at sea somewhere over Greece, the festivities now take on a somber mood where Venus will be remembered in the Golden Goddess Memorial.  This was to be a glorious occasion for Venus and Neil, but judging from last week, when Neil and Erica seemed to be more upset at the time and money they had lost out on, one could get the impression that Neil never really cared for Venus that much in the first place.  On the other end of the spectrum stands Neil’s apprentice, “The Brass Bull” Bobby Starr who has shown an appreciation for Venus from afar that borders on true love.  How will he take this memorial?  Will this be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back and will Starr show Neil and the world just who he really is and what he stands for?  Only the Gods know.

O’Malley and “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs tangle in what is sure to be another violent bout.  Jacobs has been tormenting O’Malley for weeks now and he is finally going to have to answer for his actions.  But for the cocky Jacobs that is no big deal as he is definitely his own biggest fan.  O’Malley comes into the bout a battle-tested veteran of the sport looking to quiet Jacob’s mouth maybe with the help of a pair of brass knuckles.  Jacobs will have to be quick on his feet and not let O’Malley corner him, because the size advantage for O’Malley is going to be the biggest obstacle for Jacobs, whose career once seemed limitless.  Will Jacobs be able to re-establish himself in IZW with a huge win over a former IZW Champion?  Or will O’Malley send another body to the catacombs of obscurity?  

Don’t miss Violent Valentine, a ruthless event where bodies and emotions will not be safe from the coming doom, as the hottest promotion on the circuit goes for broke and leaves everything on the line!  Witness all of the wrestling, high flying, feuds and rivalries in HD this February 16 as IZW continues to Change the Wrestling World!

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